1. vickster

    *sorted* 54cm modern roadbike for commuting

    With warmer weather hopefully approaching and more travel to office, I’m potentially looking for a commuter roadbike which will likely get left at train/tube station Modern (up to say 10 years old) Size 54cm TT / medium (unisex or wsd) Drop bars with Tiagra/105/ SRAM Apex/Rival brifters Carbon...
  2. Black Sheep

    Cheap commuting bikes, did Covid shunt the prices up?

    I'm looking to start cycling to work from time to time, and looking on eBay, Facebook marketplace etc for something complete, or complete-ish that I can use to commute on. I'm wanting to keep the cost down so that if it does go walkabouts from work, it's not a huge loss and hopefully an old...
  3. Svendo

    New Commuting Bike/Frame

    Following today's rear ending on the way home I've discovered a fatal crack in my Dolan Preffisio in the down tube just below the head tube junction. I've said to myself that when I do replace the bike I'll go to disc brakes as I'm tired of rims lasting little more than a year of all-weather...
  4. U

    Switching from commuting to leisure riding

    Due to working from home permanently I no longer have a commute. 99% of the rides in my adult life have been the commute. Am hoping to keep it up...very much a case of the first mile is the hardest. Went out for a very short (30 minute) ride tonight which was nice but no plan at all just...
  5. T

    Kinda nervous for tommorrow commuting

    Im going to take my bike for the first time to commute which is about 10 miles to marleybone.anything to look out for or any advice.also its ok for me to ride in the bus lane right?
  6. PaulSecteur

    Commuting - Washroom wet-wipe wipe over.

    Hi, I will be doing a commute to work this week or next - 15 miles each way , mostly along the south staff railway walk. There are no showers at work, so I will be having a wet wipe-wipe over. I was just wondering if any regular commuters that do this have any recommendation for which are...
  7. fossyant

    Commuting with a Laptop

    I 'may' be getting back into some cycle commuting back into the dirty smoke of Manchester. As you know I was a regular commuter, fixed gear, panniers etc until I got a bit broken one day. Packed the commutes in as Manchester's drivers are terrible. Now given covid, I'm going to be hybrid...
  8. Lovacott

    Fifteen Months In. How's My Commuting Experience Going?

    May 13th 2020 was the first time I tried my current commute after six weeks of furlough riding the local cycle paths. My first commute was a practice run a week before I was due back to work. It took me an hour and a half and I had to dismount and push four times each way when my legs gave up...
  9. Lovacott

    There's a Lot More Benefit From Cycle Commuting Than Just Losing a Couple Of Kilos.

    It was a year ago this week that I dusted off my old bike and decided to spend some of my furlough (six weeks off) biking up the local riverside cycle path. A year later, and I'm now a fully fledged twat on a bike. I started riding my bike to both alleviate the boredom of lockdown and...
  10. P

    Faux Commuting & Weight Gains in last year

    Sure I'm not alone, but I haven't worked in a 'traditional workplace' - (for me used to be an office somewhere) since December 2019. Up until then I would make sure cycling weaved somehow into my weekly commute over several years - I've kind of missed it. Over the past 15 months though, I...
  11. D

    Just started commuting again

    18 miles each way love it perfect bike for me
  12. Julia9054

    Recommendations pls. Women’s trousers for commuting

    I have a pair of winter trousers by Shimano which are starting to look a bit shabby and the Velcro round the ankles is starting to let me down. They don’t seem to make them any more. Looking for recommendations - womens winter trousers, as warm as possible, shower proof, possibly mtb style.
  13. cyberknight

    firework night commuting

    Debating whether to ride to work tonight given the general numptiness of oiks letting off fireworks haphazardly , saw a load of youts in a pub car park last night randomly firing them
  14. Brains

    Alpine commuting ?

    Must be Alpine commuting, more cyclists than the Embankment at 8.30 on a weekday!
  15. johnnyb47

    A little worried about commuting to work tomorrow

    Hi and hope you're all well. I,ve had 3 days off work this week (booked off as Holiday) as my car has undergone some body work repairs. I was due to getting it back today ready for tomorrow's commute but its been delayed. So it's the bike for me tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it in the...
  16. G

    Commuting on road bike through winter

    Hi all, just after a bit of advice. I took my Trek Emonda SL5 2021 into the bike shop today as it had a flat tyre. I commute to work daily on it (5 miles each way). The man in the shop said it was unusual to commute on that bike, and also that I shouldn’t use it through a ‘British winter’ as it...
  17. le_al_khemista

    Budget retro looking bike

    Ok, a bit of long shot, I know: My partner is looking for a retro looking bike (steel frame?) for commuting. Her budget is around the £800 mark (she absolutely doesn't want/can go over that). For reference, she found these 2 that she likes: Tokyobike - CS26 -...
  18. Lovacott

    Commuting in the dark of night.

    I leave for work at 5.45 am and my commute takes an hour. Over the last month, the earlier miles of my ride have been getting increasingly dark and on Monday this week, I left for work in the pitch black of night and in about another month, my whole morning commute will be in the dark. The...
  19. stoatsngroats

    Back to infrequent commuting tomorrow....😀

    .. and I’m really looking forward to it! Now that we have settled into our new home, I have a 16mile e/w commute to enjoy, and a new bike to do this on, so tomorrow will be my first. I’ll probably only manage a couple of times a week at most, what with age, work, and alternate sites, but I’m...
  20. TonyEnjoyD

    Cyclechat pdf guide on commuting for beginnners.

    Hi, about 6 years ago I was able t wiew and print a copy of a brill guide on the site which was produced by members on the site. . would anyone know if it is still available.? \a few newbie friends of mine are in need of reading it.. Thanx TonyEnjoyD^_^
  21. R

    The "Cycling to Work from Home" Thread

    Thread for cycle commuting addicts to record our response to home working imposed through coronavirus. Are you going out every morning and evening from home? Or just jacked it in? Want some inspiration from others? This is the thread for you
  22. J

    Helmet for commuting

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone has used one of these helmets and if so what they are like? I will be using it for commuting on a Brompton bike in London. View...
  23. mustang1

    The Commuting Forum must be...

    .. the quietest forum on CC right now!
  24. BrumJim

    All Weather Commuting Bike

    My current commuting bike is in the workshop having a couple of issues looked at. However it is getting rather tired and worn, and thinking about an upgrade. Please look at the spec below and make some suggestions. The thoughts must meet the spec. I have been commuting daily for over 10 years...
  25. M

    Coronavirus commuting

    So under the new UK rules. One form of exercise per day. Can I commute to and from work or will that count as two as there is an eight hour gap.
  26. I

    Cycle insurance for business commuting?

    Hi can anyone suggest a good company that will cover me doing home visits with an e-bike? Some of the good ones exclude business use strangely. It’s not just commuting to one place of work. the bike will be worth around £5000 so comprehensive insurance essential...
  27. HumpTdumpty

    Beijing Commuting & Bike Purchasing

    Does anyone have experience of commuting or cycling within the city & suburbs I may have a consultancy contract arising in the future re Beijing University- I’ve been advised that the Central Business District around the embassies could be a suitable base. Lastly I’m assuming there must be...
  28. S

    Commuting in 0 degrees

    we have some cold weather coming in. It looks like dry but cold weather but am anxious about ice especially in cycle paths etc and it's not like I am going to see anything. Would you cycle in 0 degrees for 17 miles?
  29. I

    Motivation for commuting in the winter?

    Hi everyone I’m fairly new to road cycling, started about 6 months ago. I’ve got a decent bike and all the winter clothing I’d need for cold and rain. Even the commute from Solihull to Coventry and back is a nice country route. And I only do that on Sunday’s as well. But the weather and all...
  30. Paspie

    Commuting 'logistics'

    I am a student at a uni over 20 miles away and I live in the middle of nowhere (rural area) with my parents. Gave up digs as the quality of life is not good enough for me. Driving 45 minutes each way isn't too bad, but I thought I could do better as my fitness has been slowly declining for...
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