1. S

    Commuting in 0 degrees

    we have some cold weather coming in. It looks like dry but cold weather but am anxious about ice especially in cycle paths etc and it's not like I am going to see anything. Would you cycle in 0 degrees for 17 miles?
  2. I

    Motivation for commuting in the winter?

    Hi everyone I’m fairly new to road cycling, started about 6 months ago. I’ve got a decent bike and all the winter clothing I’d need for cold and rain. Even the commute from Solihull to Coventry and back is a nice country route. And I only do that on Sunday’s as well. But the weather and all...
  3. Paspie

    Commuting 'logistics'

    I am a student at a uni over 20 miles away and I live in the middle of nowhere (rural area) with my parents. Gave up digs as the quality of life is not good enough for me. Driving 45 minutes each way isn't too bad, but I thought I could do better as my fitness has been slowly declining for...
  4. jamin100

    Commuting - Which "waterproof's"

    So it's been a long while since ive commuted to work by bike, but a change of circumstances means i now have to at least cycle to the train station (2 miles) if not all the way into work (10 miles) For the days im cycling into work, i'll probably use my usual cycle kit, but for the tain...
  5. JhnBssll

    Commuting with a laptop

    I've found myself cycling to work less and less frequently over the last few months. I'm having to do more and more work from home, which means lugging my rather heavy (2.6kg) and bulky 15" CAD laptop backwards and forwards. I've been keeping up the cycling in other areas but have missed my...
  6. R

    Looking for advice re new bike for commuting (warning has ebike content too)

    Hi, i am nearing 50 and looking to get back into commuting into work 2-3 days a week. The trip is 3-4 miles each way, though there is 1.5 miles of hills, which is uphill on the way home. I was doing regularly till about 6 years ago when i picked up some niggling injuries to my knees, ankles and...
  7. dhd.evans

    Commuting - Rucksack Choices

    I recently binned my trusty Aldi rucksack after it finally started to come apart and replaced it with another special buy one I had kicking around. Unfortunately, the new one is a bit rubbish. It's tiny and barely fits my towel and work kit. Anyway, i'm now in the market for a newer, better...
  8. W

    26" slick tyres for commuting

    I've been running 26x1.5 m+ on my MTB commuter bike, but not impressed with the lack of wet grip. Last week I had a puncture (drawing pin) and (unrelated) sidewall failure on the front which has prompted me to look for a replacement, but the choice in 26" seems quite limited. I'm looking for at...
  9. icowden

    Unintentional donations...

    So, on the way to work yesterday. Got on the train, couldn't put my folder where I normally put it, so went diagonally opposite to my usual slot. Got the iPad out, put the rucksack on the shelf, took my summer gloves off and reached round to put them in my bike helmet, just like I do most...
  10. derrick

    Favourite commuting tyres.

    What are good tyres for commutting, 25c. good puncture proof not to heavy, folding would be good. what do all our commuters on here use.. Just asking for a friend as i do not commutte.
  11. I

    As a 22mph average cyclist just commuting with very little effort, I admit..

    These forums are trash for me. All of you are literally shoot compared to me.
  12. stalagmike

    What I have learned after week 1 of commuting

    Thanks to a change of employment, I've just made the leap from weekend warrior to cycling 8miles to work (and 8 miles back) Here's a list of things I've realised after week one. 1. Your bike gets a lot dirtier, very quickly. 2. I need more clothes. 3. I need fatter tyres. 4. For fatter tyres I...
  13. confusedcyclist

    Quitting Winter Commuting

    Something snapped last night. Yet another close pass, a DPD van driver. He was stuck behind me for ~30 seconds on a climb with stationary traffic backed up in the other lane so it wasn't possible for him to pass. I had a strong secondary position on the narrow road. He cut around sharply at the...
  14. dhd.evans

    The best bit of commuting kit i ever bought was...

    Riding in today i thought to myself "God, am i ever so toasty roasty in my Aldi Cycling jacket. What a great bit of kit i got for £20 last ye... no wait, two years ag... no... wait... 6 years ago!!" What's the best piece of kit you've ever bought for commuting?
  15. Paulq

    Commuting & Fitness - Hybrid or Cross/Gravel?

    I plan to start commuting to work very shortly and have figured out a route that's around 11 miles each way and a combination of tarmac and gravel paths. I plan to start on my existing bike (Ridgeback Speed) but given I am eligible for a new one on the C2W Scheme I'll probably take advantage of...
  16. glocal

    Brompton bags for commuting

    I am looking for a Brompton bag for daily commuting that is compatible with S type handlebars and the standard LED front light. I saw C and S bags are marked as not suitable for S handlebars and that got me thinking. I will need to carry, say, a 14" laptop and the equivalent of 2-3 books. Any...
  17. ren531

    Commuting on a old classic bike

    Does anyone commute regularly on an old classic bike ,by that I mean something shiny and cherished not just a uncared for old bike ,2 years ago I got interested in restoring older bikes usually just stripping the bike cleaning re greasing it and keeping it as original as possible ,I have been...
  18. S

    Commuting route advice - Bolton to Manchester centre

    Hi all I'm going to be living at the in-laws in Bolton for the next 3-4 weeks. I work near the university of Manchester. I was considering taking the train from Bolton station to Manchester Oxford road. But the recent situation with northern rail and scare stories from work colleagues have put...
  19. Stephenite

    Smug cycling guy (...a little light relief)

  20. ianrauk

    Short film about London commuting

    There's a fair few cyclists...
  21. jowwy

    Show us your commuting pictures

    To start us off Pic of the Ti on my commute today
  22. KneesUp

    Does commuting wind you up?

    Since we sold our second car the bike is my only means of getting to work, which is great - it means I don't have a 'get out' However, recently I'm finding drivers to be more and more annoying. I don't know if it's because I experience them everyday, or because I now drive less, or because...
  23. jbb060

    Immobitag, Datatag, alternative, or none?

    I've just upgraded my commuter and am now paranoid that the Cambridge bike thieves will strike again, does anyone have experience with getting a bike returned using one of the tagging services, or reasons not to go with them? Cheers!
  24. MrGrumpy

    Rucksack for commuting and traveling

    Just on the look out for a bag for taking on the plane this summer and thought maybe best getting something that can do it all for not too much cash. Normally have messenger bag but not that handy for the holidays. So spotted this in decathlon, anyone used it , I think there are other makes out...
  25. Brains

    Essential London Commuting item

    So the question is how and where do I mount my Zombie Knife ? Obviously it needs to be quick release; perhaps beside the bottle cage ?
  26. mustang1

    Anyone commuting with hub gears?

    I am interested in your experiences using Rohloff, Nexus, Alfine, Sturmey. What distance have you traveled? How often do you service it? What do you dis/like about it? What made you choose one brand over another?
  27. spen666

    I Hate Summer Commuting

    Am I the only one? No, its not the heat that I have an issue with, its the summer cyclists. I'd happily ride with lorries, taxis and cars if these summer cyclists ceased to exist. No, its not all summer cyclists, but those who have: 1. No understanding of the highway Code 2. No understanding...
  28. Hedgemonkey

    Commuting in the dark, I think I prefer it.

    As the mornings are starting to get lighter, I've come to the conclusion on my commute ( 14 miles of small town and semi rural lanes ) I actually prefer riding in the dark. I've got good lights and the journey always seems a little shorter when dark. Anyone else ???
  29. Pat "5mph"

    Extreme cycle commuting!

    I'm not in Canada or Scandinavia, it's only a few inches of snow! Still, there will not be any public transport from my area tomorrow, or it will be very limited. Scotland Police put an alert on social media .... panic! Don't travel if the journey is not essential! Well, I work weekends and I've...
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