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Comobike - recommendation

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by JsfWitney, 31 Jul 2007.

  1. JsfWitney

    JsfWitney Active Member

    After reading posts on the old forum about Comobike in Italy, I decided to order a Wilier Mortirolo from them. The whole process was excellent - lots of info in perfect english from a guy called Brent. Measuring process worked out fine and delivery as promised. IThey even let me change the colour of the wheels. Delivery bang on time via UPS and I saved over £300 on the UK price.

    Bike is absolutely gorgeous too!
  2. Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke New Member

    Glad to hear it . I'm thinking of buying a frame from them myself . Always reassuring to hear recommendations . How much did they charge you for delivery as a matter of interest ?
  3. chris42

    chris42 New Member

    Deal, Kent
    Just a note.
    The prices on the site do not include VAT.
    This is added at the checkout so just be careful as I almost ordered some cosmic carbons just now as they were almost £120 cheaper than anywhere in the UK
    but with the VAT & delivery Probike kit are cheaper by about £50

    Not a negative about como just a heads up.
  4. OP

    JsfWitney Active Member

    courier was 50 euros - that was complete bike, UPS 3 day delivery.
  5. OP

    JsfWitney Active Member

    Good point - Italian VAT is 20% too
  6. jashburnham

    jashburnham New Member

    Comobike and Brent are fantastic aren't they, so helpful. How you finding Mortirolo? I'm made up with mine, it's a quality piece of kit.