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Hi All

I've recently started wanting to get out more and become a bit more active, and have taken up walking, summiting Snowdon in May for the first time, which at 24 stone was no easy feat!

Last year, knowing nothing about cycling, I got myself a nice mountain bike on C2W (GT Agressor XC2 I think it is) and regreted it as soon as I went out on it, not realising how hard it is to ride a "proper" mountain bike on a road. Since then it's been sat there not being used.

So C2W scheme came back around in work and I was going to get a road bike, but was put off by Halfords offerings as they only seemed to be offering Carrera road bikes in my £500 price range, all of which I hadnt read very good reviews about. So I've picked the Boardman Comp hybrid and pick it up at the weekend, and I'm just hoping that I've made the right choice! Hoping the frame / wheels will take my weight and that i'll be able to use road routes quite comfortably?


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Looks like a cool bike to me Squirrel with 28c tires, avid BB5s and nice and light too (compared to mine), should be really good on the road. Don't know about your weight but my guess is it'll be fine. You could always ask them to get some assurance before you take it.
Happy cycling :thumbsup:


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Welcome :cheers:

The boardman looks nice and should be good on the roads, depending how hilly it is where you live you might struggle sometimes on hills, without an ultra low mountainbike type gear. It might be worth giving the bike a regular check over after use if youre worried about it taking your weight if only for peace of mind, particularly stuff like checking none of the spokes are a lot looser than the rest by squeezing them in pairs. Thats what I do anyway, gives me peace of mind at least ;)
You've discovered the truth that many folk retuning to cycling discover, namely that MTBs are great at what they're designed for i.e. mountains & proper off-road stuff, but 'compromised' on-road, which you'd expect really as it's noth their chosen surface. Your new hybrid will be fine, you may notice high tyre wear rates at your current body mass but this will lessen as you burn said mass off cycling everywhere! No need to worry about the wheels, modern 700c rims are as tough as, just get the bearings checked nice and regularly.
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