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Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
I've a couple of issues with this 'ere box of tricks that I'm hoping someone can help me with.
Answers in plain English would be of great help !
First, I keep getting a pop-up from registry protector telling me over and over again (now turned off !!) that a registry entry is 'trying to apply', yes / no ?
The route is :- HKEY_CLASS_ROOT vbsshellopencommand. I've found 2 or 3 of these looking in regedit, the question is are they harmful (Windows F/Wall starts but is now occasionally being switched off). I've read on some sites that they are spyware but reasonably harmless, nevertheless I don't want them if they are. Can I just delete them (after setting a restore point of course !).

Second thing is, while searching for these in regedit I came across a shed load of AOL related files. Now we haven't been on AOL since last June (now Talk Talk), I'm assuming I can gaily go through regedit deleting anything I find with AOL in it ?

I know this isn't really the right fora regarding this but I have joined 6 PC related fora today, 2 want money, 4 will get back to me when they see fit !


Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
Hi Elmer,

Try this excellent bit of free kit. Sorted out my corrupted registry.:
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