Confession and Apology

Clive Atton

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Just in case the cyclist in question is on this forum I am cringing at my utterly crap driving yesterday morning; it was about 11am and I pulled out in front of a bloke on a road bike. No excuses, I was just crap, he must have had to break fairly sharply while wondering what the self-gratification artist in the red car was playing at. I've gone red thinking about it again, hope the rest of his ride was better.

Many apologies.


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You might need to be more specific, "the red car" doesn't tell us much in the grand scheme of things. Where were you?
At least you weren't the driver of the white Merc pulling out of Seabank Avenue into Anthony Road in Largs, Ayrshire. Who incidentally didn't bother to slow down or stop even once she had seen me and must have realised we were on course for a crash. But she was driving a Merc and I was on a bike so obviously I am required to give way, despite road markings and signs to the contrary. Thankfully I wasn't going fast (I never do) so I just swore a bit and went round the back of her car.
At least you accept your error and apologise for it. The thing that has really been getting my goat recently is the number of drivers that make similar mistakes but refuse to discuss or acknowledge their life threatening misdemeanors. I have had a few heated debates about it......
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