Confused about a direct mount derailleur?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by MBosh, 26 Jun 2018.

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    I'm really confused about the meaning of direct fit on a derailleur. I currently have what looks like a a Shimano Tourney RD-TY 500 on my cycle. This derailleur hangs from a hanger on the cycle which looks like this (link below.) The bit I don't get is that all these direct fit derailleurs look exactly like the one I have, but will a direct fit onto a derailleur hanger like mine? I've also included a link to the derailleur on eBay that looks the same as mine, but state they are direct fit. Thank you!

    Here is the derailleur on my Cycle you can see it's attached to a hanger. So will the eBay one I have linked to on here fit or not? Cheers..

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  2. raleighnut

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    One on the left is a 'direct mount' and has a built in (riveted) hanger plate that cannot be removed. the one on the right is a 'hanger mount' and has a bolt with an allen key head that screws into a frame mounted 'hanger plate'.

    Your bike in the picture takes a standard 'hanger mount' derailleur
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