1. Velochris

    SOLD Shimano 105 5800 rear derailleur

    Short cage. I cannot recall if I bought this new or second hand. I have only used it on a turbo trainer. Very clean and minimal paint marks. All pivots are smooth and all screws turn as they should with no corrosion. £25 posted to standard UK address Royal Mail second class and after any...
  2. cyberknight

    Campagnolo Mirage derailleur SOLD

    Campagnolo Mirage 9 speed rear mech £15 posted
  3. S

    28.6 mm band on front derailleur adaptor please?

    I'm building a bike using a modern steel frame , I have a modern 105 front derailleur which needs a a small sized band on adaptor has anyone got one? Merlin have them for £3.50 but postage is £2.99 and cant think of anything else I need from them.
  4. velohomme

    Free. Derailleur Hangers

    2 derailleur hangers. Originally off a KTM Revelator. Red one is used. Orange one although marked from saddlebag is unused. Distance between holes is 23mm c-c. I'll post. Just drop a couple of pounds in a charity box.
  5. R

    Vintage Shimano 200 GS Derailleur

    Good working condition. £10 includes postage
  6. Velochris

    Sold. Shimano Sora R3000 front and rear derailleur.

    £18 posted within UK. Shimano Sora R3000 9 Speed Road Bike Front/Rear Mech Derailleur. Part of a used groupset I bought but I needed a short rear mech and band on front. The rear is the GS/medium cage for cassettes up to 34t. Well used. Rear has some marks and for both the screws show...
  7. pclay

    Shimano RD-6870 rear derailleur di2 - faulty

    I've got a faulty Di2 Shimano RD-6870 rear derailleur, medium cage. the item is faulty. The derailleur causes the di2 battery to go flat in a couple of days. My local bike shop did a diagnostic test, and found that this derailleur was the cause of my flat battery issues. The derailleur...
  8. the_craig

    Sorted - Front derailleur 2x9 wanted.

    Morning folks, I'm looking for a replacement for my 20 year old sora front derailleur. If anyone has a double front mech lying around, I'll happily make an offer and negotiate a price. Cheers
  9. Twilkes

    No longer needed: Shimano 8 speed rear derailleur

  10. T

    Wanted - 6700 rear derailleur in good condition

    Hi all, Any good, clean, none-battered 6700 rear derailleurs for sale please? Getting desperate. Only ones I can find look like they’ve been out through a rock tumbler.
  11. mpemburn

    Why you need to own a derailleur hanger tool

    When I go into a bike shop and look at the wall of tools—usually Park tools—I am stricken with a serious bout of envy. My own shop tools all fit into one small carry box, though it has many of the necessaries like a torque wrench, chain tools, spoke wrench, etc. I've long considered the...
  12. mpemburn

    R8000 Rear Derailleur: A Word to the Wise

    Skip this thread if you already know enough to follow the directions in the box. . . . Okay, for the rest of us who plunge right in and do what our manly sense tells us is right and after-all-I've-done-this-a-million-times-before: A few months ago, I destroyed my beautiful old Trek. Please...
  13. Spiderweb

    What model Campagnolo derailleur is this?

    I recently purchased an 80’s road bike, I know little about Campagnolo and apart from the logo I cannot see any other info/serial number so can anyone identify what model rear derailleur this is please.
  14. bikegang

    Parallelogram derailleur 7 Speed Brompton aftermarket mod Not P Line

    #Thx4Ride parallelogram derailleur kit for an old frame (non P Line) to run 7 speed Stock frame compatible Stock Wheelset compatible up to 4 cogs (with #MiniMODs yet to release X4UnibodyCogset or X3+1 setup. 5 cogs might be possible) 7 speed in this demo video was on dedicated wheelset This Kit...
  15. Porcia

    Replacement dérailleur

    I need to replace my Shimano RD2300 dérailleur as it's making rattling noises and The pantograph pins also seem to be worn, and it's not reliable changing down. I was wondering if I can replace it with a Shimano Claris mech.
  16. Porcia

    Specialized Allez derailleur problem

    My Allez has been skipping gear and making a rattling sound from the cage on the derailleur. I have fitted a new chain and cassette, but the gears still skip. On closer examination, I think that (a) the jockey wheel bearing are a bit worn (They wobble) and (b) the pins that hold the body...
  17. Pedal pusher

    Sachs Huret derailleur

    I'm restoring a Raleigh Winner and I can't workout how to attach the derailleur to the frame. It's the odd shaped nut and bolt that's got me at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Daninplymouth

    Rear derailleur

    Hi, been playing around with my rear wheel then noticed my gearing was a bit off. Does my derailleur look bent? If so which way do I need to adjust it?
  19. C R

    Torque of derailleur hanger screws

    Quick question, I was checking for the source of a creak, and noticed that the screws that hold the derailleur hanger onto the frame felt very loose. The frame is aluminium, and the screws look like steel, so don't want to risk stripping the threads on the frame. Anyone know what’s the...
  20. Velochris

    PILO D301 CNC rear derailleur hanger. Merckx, Ribble and others.

    Brand new. See above for frames which this fits. £13 posted within UK.
  21. Velochris


    Never used. Small mark on graphics to the "C" and small scuff below "ol". Barely visible. £13.00 posted within UK.
  22. chriswoody

    Thoughts on wether this Derailleur is really bent?

    Ok, random question time I'm on the lookout for a 12 speed SRAM Eagle Derailleur for a possible future project and came across this one on Ebay Kleinanzeigen (German Gumtree). Now the...
  23. Rooster1

    Rear derailleur adjuster spring....(gears jumping on smaller cogs)

    Can I assume that the spring that is housed in the rear derailleur barrel adjuster actually helps with the cable tension. I lost the damn thing whilst replacing the cable! Basically, my smaller cogs are jumping, despite adjustments (two evenings after two rides) And, what does the (B-Tension)...
  24. rogerzilla

    Now sorted - Brompton derailleur trigger (pre-2017 type, with bell)

    Just as a spare so I don't have to change everything (or have mismatched brake levers, the horror) if mine wears out.
  25. Teamfixed

    Which derailleur for 7 speed?

    Hi all This is on an 87 Raleigh Randonneur. I've just changed the 6speed block to 7 (the dizzy heights of 1989 now) it went in fine with the addition of a washer on the drive side to space it a little. I have put SIS dt shifters on which came from a 7sp Galaxy recently so I know they work. Thing...
  26. B

    Mounting system for rear derailleur

    Do both of the rear derailleur have the same mounting system?
  27. Jenkins

    Cateye Velo 9, Tiagra shifter & derailleur, shock pump - All now sold.

    1 - Cateye Velo 9 bike computer, still in box (which is a bit tatty and written on), but unused and complete with all tie cables, magnet & instruction booklet. A new battery will be supplied as the clock has been running for some time 2 - Shimano Tiagra flatbar shifter & derailleur (FD4700)...
  28. R

    Rear derailleur barrel adjuster insert thread stripped.

    Rear derailleur cable snapped today out on a ride. 8 speed sora (sora is now 9 speed but bike is from 2013 so was sora at time). I digress! On taking old cable off to replace new cable I couldn't get the barrel adjuster back in. On inspection the thread on the actual derailleur seems to be...
  29. wbmkk

    Rear Derailleur Movement Blocked by Frame

    I've just been given an old bike which i thought I could get working. The chain was actually snapped, so I managed to get it fitted again and borrowed a friend's chain tool to close it. I repaired a puncture on the front and was all set to give it a try. The rear gears don't change .. on...
  30. Cycleops

    The end of the front derailleur?

    A new company in Belgium has come up with a very clever replacement hub gear that does away with the front derailleur. It's controlled by Bluetooth and can even shift under full load: View: Could this be a game changer?
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