1. chriswoody

    Thoughts on wether this Derailleur is really bent?

    Ok, random question time I'm on the lookout for a 12 speed SRAM Eagle Derailleur for a possible future project and came across this one on Ebay Kleinanzeigen (German Gumtree). Now the...
  2. Rooster1

    Rear derailleur adjuster spring....(gears jumping on smaller cogs)

    Can I assume that the spring that is housed in the rear derailleur barrel adjuster actually helps with the cable tension. I lost the damn thing whilst replacing the cable! Basically, my smaller cogs are jumping, despite adjustments (two evenings after two rides) And, what does the (B-Tension)...
  3. rogerzilla

    Now sorted - Brompton derailleur trigger (pre-2017 type, with bell)

    Just as a spare so I don't have to change everything (or have mismatched brake levers, the horror) if mine wears out.
  4. Teamfixed

    Which derailleur for 7 speed?

    Hi all This is on an 87 Raleigh Randonneur. I've just changed the 6speed block to 7 (the dizzy heights of 1989 now) it went in fine with the addition of a washer on the drive side to space it a little. I have put SIS dt shifters on which came from a 7sp Galaxy recently so I know they work. Thing...
  5. B

    Mounting system for rear derailleur

    Do both of the rear derailleur have the same mounting system?
  6. Jenkins

    Cateye Velo 9, Tiagra shifter & derailleur, shock pump - All now sold.

    1 - Cateye Velo 9 bike computer, still in box (which is a bit tatty and written on), but unused and complete with all tie cables, magnet & instruction booklet. A new battery will be supplied as the clock has been running for some time 2 - Shimano Tiagra flatbar shifter & derailleur (FD4700)...
  7. R

    Rear derailleur barrel adjuster insert thread stripped.

    Rear derailleur cable snapped today out on a ride. 8 speed sora (sora is now 9 speed but bike is from 2013 so was sora at time). I digress! On taking old cable off to replace new cable I couldn't get the barrel adjuster back in. On inspection the thread on the actual derailleur seems to be...
  8. wbmkk

    Rear Derailleur Movement Blocked by Frame

    I've just been given an old bike which i thought I could get working. The chain was actually snapped, so I managed to get it fitted again and borrowed a friend's chain tool to close it. I repaired a puncture on the front and was all set to give it a try. The rear gears don't change .. on...
  9. Cycleops

    The end of the front derailleur?

    A new company in Belgium has come up with a very clever replacement hub gear that does away with the front derailleur. It's controlled by Bluetooth and can even shift under full load: View: Could this be a game changer?
  10. cyberknight

    10 speed Front Derailleur

    10 speed FD preferably band on 31.8 Starting my new build and i am short of a FD , the only one i have in stock in a 9 speed 34.9 clamp
  11. Richard A Thackeray

    Derailleur Damages.....

    Bugger:cursing: This happened on my ride to work yesterday dinnertime I was just exiting a roundabout too, thankfully not too busy, as it was rather an undignified (& rapid) stop!! Aberford Road, at the junction with Bar Lane, if anyone knows Wakefield I didn't take a photo of it, in the...
  12. rich p

    8 or 9 speed front derailleur
  13. livpoksoc

    Correct derailleur?

    I have a 2014 105 10 speed groupset, and have just upgraded my cassette from an 11-30 to 11-32. I got a new chain at the same time, however I didn't realise I had to also get a larger derailleur. I'm not up to speed on these things, so how can I tell which dersilleur is correct - as I also...
  14. Rooster1

    Rear Derailleur - Lower Jockey Wheel Screw Loose

    I have a rather high mileage 9 speed Shimano Ultegra Rear Derailleur and the Lower Jockey Wheel retaining screw will not tighten or bite. As a result, the jockey wheel was only held by the one (outer) side and was not locked in to the inner side. It had worked loose. If I remove the lower...
  15. funk2monk

    Derailleur identification

    Recently acquired these front and rear derailleur. I can see that one is a Shimano Positron FH 400. Do not know anything about them. Looks good quality and I guess late 80’s? The other set are marked Falcon but can’t see anything else on them? Guessing not rare or valuable but again not seen...
  16. R

    Ultegra 6800 rear derailleur, B screw fallen out

    Hi all, I wanted to double check for opinions on how much of a problem it is if the B screw on my Ultegra 6800 rear derailleur has fallen out? I had two incidences of rear derailleur issues in past six months, the first time the hanger snapped whilst shifting, which I then replaced and carried...
  17. curzons246

    Shimano Ultegra 6700 braze on front derailleur.

    As above please, cheers Bill
  18. Lovacott

    Rear Derailleur. Standard Mount Or Direct Mount?

    Just about to clean the drivetrain and I've noticed a bit of damage on my well worn rear mech. Looking to buy a replacement and I have come across "Standard Mount" or "Direct Mount" (often both?) being used in the online descriptions. So here's a piccy of what I've got. Answers on a postcard...
  19. A

    Tiagra front derailleur, Tiagra rear derailleur 10 speed medium cage

    Silver 10 speed Shimano 105 170mm cranks with new (one short ride) Shimano 50/34 chain rings. Comes with crank arm fixing bolt £45. SOLD Shimano CS-HG500 10 speed 11-32 cassette - new (one ride) £20 SOLD Shimano Tiagra FD4700 front derailleur with frame clamp 34.9mm - good condition £15...
  20. pclay

    Di2 woes, and a couple of questions

    Hi For the past year or so, the battery on my Ultegra Di2 bike has been going from fully charged to flat in the space of about 4 days. Riding the bike just meant I had to charge the battey the day before the ride. The bike has done 5000 miles and the groupset is Ultegra 6770 6870 from 2016. I...
  21. Willam

    Help with rear derailleur

    Got a carrier bag stuck in my rear derailleur on my way home yesterday, it’s totally knocked my shifting out, not sure how? Chain doesn’t want to move from the smallest cog, I’ve tried following yt vids on how to adjust the RD, not sure if my model is different to the standard but can’t seem to...
  22. P

    Altus M370 Front Derailleur replacement

    I have recently replaced most of my drivetrain (cassette, chain, chainset and bottom bracket), going for Alivio as an upgrade to the Altus on the bike (3 x 9 speed). Shifting is much improved but the front derailleur is past its sell by date - rusted limit screw heads and I've already had to...
  23. H

    Sachs front derailleur

    Hello all, Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. I am currently upgrading a few things on my bike and I noticed that the front derailleur has broken in the plastic part. I am not too sure if and how I could repair it. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  24. Mezza86

    Front derailleur and brake caliper changes.

    Hi all, abit of a lengthy one lol but just looking for some advice. My older carrera hellcat im partly rebuilding has a seized front Shimano Tourney derailleur, im having trouble finding one that I can get soon. So my question is would ANY 8 speed front derailleur do the job like an...
  25. philepo

    Brompton with 3 speed derailleur instead of hub?

    Hello all. I have a 5 speed hub Brompton that i am about to sell on ebay as prices for Bromptons are sky high at the moment. I will then order a new one when the demand falls back post covid. My question is should i buy 2 speed derailleur in order to convert to a 3 speed derailleur (i am in a...
  26. B

    OSPW Fouling Derailleur

    Hi There, I have replaced my chain, cassette, crankset and changed over to an oversized pulley wheel cage. Shifting and general drive seems find, however when in the highest gear (11 speed), the guide pulley fouls the derailleur itself. Any ideas what could be up, I have tried all the...
  27. NickTB

    Front derailleur

    Morning all. After breaking my rear mech hanger and replacing it, I’ve indexed the rear derailleur and that’s working fine. But I’m finding I can’t shift from the small ring to the big ring now. I’ve adjusted all limiting screws no the front derailleur and barrel adjuster and cable tension. If...
  28. S

    Front derailleur mounting

    I'm replacing my whole drivetrain with tiagra 4700. My current FD is an FD-2203 tiagra triple with a clamp on mount. However the clamp and the FD are separate. I got a FD as part of a set with a crankset and RD. The clamp is too small though. (I knew this when buying) I hoped that I would be...
  29. kiwifruit

    Medium or long cage derailleur?

    Hi all, I need to change my rear derailleur on my mountain bike. Is a Sram GX 2.1 10 speed, running on 30T front and 11-40T cassette. Bit confused, do I need a medium or long cage? Thanks
  30. kiwifruit

    Is this a bent derailleur?

    Hi, have just replace new jockey wheels today after last weeks ride that a branch caught my rear derailleur and broke one of the jockey wheel. On closer inspection today is this a bent derailleur? I have tried to adjust the high and low limit screws, and when in biggest sprocket it is hitting a...
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