1. Willam

    Help with rear derailleur

    Got a carrier bag stuck in my rear derailleur on my way home yesterday, it’s totally knocked my shifting out, not sure how? Chain doesn’t want to move from the smallest cog, I’ve tried following yt vids on how to adjust the RD, not sure if my model is different to the standard but can’t seem to...
  2. P

    Altus M370 Front Derailleur replacement

    I have recently replaced most of my drivetrain (cassette, chain, chainset and bottom bracket), going for Alivio as an upgrade to the Altus on the bike (3 x 9 speed). Shifting is much improved but the front derailleur is past its sell by date - rusted limit screw heads and I've already had to...
  3. H

    Sachs front derailleur

    Hello all, Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. I am currently upgrading a few things on my bike and I noticed that the front derailleur has broken in the plastic part. I am not too sure if and how I could repair it. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Mezza86

    Front derailleur and brake caliper changes.

    Hi all, abit of a lengthy one lol but just looking for some advice. My older carrera hellcat im partly rebuilding has a seized front Shimano Tourney derailleur, im having trouble finding one that I can get soon. So my question is would ANY 8 speed front derailleur do the job like an...
  5. philepo

    Brompton with 3 speed derailleur instead of hub?

    Hello all. I have a 5 speed hub Brompton that i am about to sell on ebay as prices for Bromptons are sky high at the moment. I will then order a new one when the demand falls back post covid. My question is should i buy 2 speed derailleur in order to convert to a 3 speed derailleur (i am in a...
  6. B

    OSPW Fouling Derailleur

    Hi There, I have replaced my chain, cassette, crankset and changed over to an oversized pulley wheel cage. Shifting and general drive seems find, however when in the highest gear (11 speed), the guide pulley fouls the derailleur itself. Any ideas what could be up, I have tried all the...
  7. NickTB

    Front derailleur

    Morning all. After breaking my rear mech hanger and replacing it, I’ve indexed the rear derailleur and that’s working fine. But I’m finding I can’t shift from the small ring to the big ring now. I’ve adjusted all limiting screws no the front derailleur and barrel adjuster and cable tension. If...
  8. S

    Front derailleur mounting

    I'm replacing my whole drivetrain with tiagra 4700. My current FD is an FD-2203 tiagra triple with a clamp on mount. However the clamp and the FD are separate. I got a FD as part of a set with a crankset and RD. The clamp is too small though. (I knew this when buying) I hoped that I would be...
  9. kiwifruit

    Medium or long cage derailleur?

    Hi all, I need to change my rear derailleur on my mountain bike. Is a Sram GX 2.1 10 speed, running on 30T front and 11-40T cassette. Bit confused, do I need a medium or long cage? Thanks
  10. kiwifruit

    Is this a bent derailleur?

    Hi, have just replace new jockey wheels today after last weeks ride that a branch caught my rear derailleur and broke one of the jockey wheel. On closer inspection today is this a bent derailleur? I have tried to adjust the high and low limit screws, and when in biggest sprocket it is hitting a...
  11. Mike_P

    Rear derailleur only shifting to larger cogs

    Bit bemused, apart from the smaller cogs I cannot get the hybrids rear derailleur, a Shimano Tourney 6/7 speed, to drop onto a smaller cog, changes up to each larger cog without a problem. Is it new derailleur time?
  12. M

    Rear derailleur configuration

    This is just for thought. Please don't respond with vitriol. We all have personal preferences, no one school of thought is correct. The very first derailleurs manufactured in the 1940s and 1950s had a spring pulling the slider towards the largest sprocket (just like today in low-normal /...
  13. M

    Rear derailleur problem or not?

    I don't know if this is a problem or not so thought I'd better ask here. I have a Giant road bike and the rear derailleur is a Shimano Claris. I've just tried adjusting my gears after they started to jump a gear when I shifted to the largest sprocket on the rear cassette. It seems to be working...
  14. Hugh Manatee

    Rear Derailleur. Will I be Shunned?

    Not entirely serious here, but is there any reason I shouldn't? I mean, a mountain bike mech on a road bike!! Burn him! I have a couple of other choices. A very nice Mavic job. Trouble is, it will be used in all weathers and that particular mech operates on a weird circlip spring loaded...
  15. 3

    new rear derailleur for old school 80s road bike.

    So 80s era road bike. I recently changed both 8 speed rear cassette (now 11-32) and added a smaller front chainring (now 38-52). My derailleur is Shimano 105 from that era, I have down tube friction shifters. The derailleur is a short cage (SS in Shimano terms) and I want to change to a medium...
  16. nickg

    Rear derailleur cage size

    On my rear derailleur I have a long cage. Should it be a short cage on a road bike? Just been comparing it to friends bikes.
  17. chriscross1966

    WTB: Campagnolo Victory long-cage rear derailleur

    Decent usable condition and no horrific scratches please. Not interested in a Triomphe S3 LX... I have one and it won't work in this instance and no, the T S3 LX isn't available, I need it for something rlse.
  18. B

    Chainrings, Cassette & derailleur MTB

    Hi folks, I posted a week or so ago and got some great help as I'm stripping down and refreshing my old Apollo mountain bike mainly to learn mechanical skills and have an off roader. My Giant Hybrid bike is ordered and shoukd be with me soon! I just have a few questions from today's work:-...
  19. BianchiVirgin

    SOLD Ultegra 6800 front derailleur

    I have a Ultegra 6800 front derailleur for sale. Band on 34.9mm clamp. 2 years old and works perfectly well. A few normal wear and tear marks but otherwise nice and clean. If anyone wants a picture I'll put one up. Any sensible offer + postage at cost will secure. No point it lying about my garage.
  20. pclay

    Di2 front derailleur adjustment

    Hi I have a Cannonade synapse 2016 with Ultegra Di2 gearing. Over the last year I have had problems with shifting on the front derailleur. The front derailleur is over shifting and causing the chain to come of on the outside of the chain ring. It started when going downhill and in 50/11...
  21. funk2monk

    Le Cyclo Rear Derailleur Shifter

    I've just acquired a Sun cycle with the above deraillier. I've tracked down a NOS tension spring, and the rest of the mechanism looks like it will clean up well. The cable is a continuous cable which is in tact but just thinking out loud where and how do you replace these? Picture for reference.
  22. L

    How to get maximum tension on front derailleur cable?

    The other day I noticed when I shifted into the last 2 biggest gears chain would rub against front derailleur. I tried to tension it but made it worse. What's the best way to do it achieve maximum tension. Step by step guide would be nice. Thanks
  23. roundisland

    11 Speed derailleur 9 speed Cassette

    Hi is it possible to use an 11 speed derailleur with a 9 speed cassette?
  24. Kell

    Brompton derailleur/tensioner options...

    Inspired by my other thread about winter, and this video that I posted on YouTube a couple of years ago, I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for alternative derailleurs that aren't fully enclosed with the chain guides so they're easier to clean. View: Be...
  25. CanucksTraveller

    Bent derailleur hanger

    My daughter took a little spill today, she's fine but the bike hit the tarmac hard and the derailleur took a hit. The hanger has bent in a little which is forcing the chain off and into the spokes in low gear. Is it overall cheaper / less faff to buy a new hanger or is there mileage in...
  26. R

    Choice of derailleur ?

    I'm building a Frankenstein bike out of salvaged spare parts , its going to be a 1x , 22" Coyote hardtail MTB frame,rigid forks, minimal gears, an mtb touring hybrid kind of thing built for comfort and load carrying with panniers. I've rummaged in my pile of bits and come up with these Shimano...
  27. B

    Poor shifting - replace rear derailleur?

    Shifting is poor and when in any gear it isn't smooth. I've tried to adjust tension etc but it makes little difference. There is some play where the mec attaches to the hanger but tightening the relevant bolt makes no difference. Does anyone know why this is the case? I have fallen on that side...
  28. ChrisPAmbulance

    Front Derailleur jumping from largest to smallest cog on triple chainset

    Hi All, I am riding a Ridgeback Voyage which has a triple chainset at the front. As part of a recent service at an LBS, they changed the cable which had become frayed. Unfortunately, as a result of this, they have introduced a fault whereby changing down from the largest ring, it jumps...
  29. DCBassman

    Rear Derailleur Question

    Going from 8 to 9 speed... Does a 9-speed mech travel any different distance to an 8? The cassettes are the same overall size, no? Just wondering if I need change to a specific 9er if all else is changed, ie cassette and shifters...
  30. Jenkins

    Acera RD-M370 Rear Derailleur - 9 Speed - SOLD

    Brought this from Evans about a year ago as ex-display, test fitted it but never used and couldn't be bothered to return for a refund. Cosmetic scratch as per the pictures - £10 delivered with payment by Paypal or bank transfer.
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