1. R

    Choice of derailleur ?

    I'm building a Frankenstein bike out of salvaged spare parts , its going to be a 1x , 22" Coyote hardtail MTB frame,rigid forks, minimal gears, an mtb touring hybrid kind of thing built for comfort and load carrying with panniers. I've rummaged in my pile of bits and come up with these Shimano...
  2. B

    Poor shifting - replace rear derailleur?

    Shifting is poor and when in any gear it isn't smooth. I've tried to adjust tension etc but it makes little difference. There is some play where the mec attaches to the hanger but tightening the relevant bolt makes no difference. Does anyone know why this is the case? I have fallen on that side...
  3. ChrisPAmbulance

    Front Derailleur jumping from largest to smallest cog on triple chainset

    Hi All, I am riding a Ridgeback Voyage which has a triple chainset at the front. As part of a recent service at an LBS, they changed the cable which had become frayed. Unfortunately, as a result of this, they have introduced a fault whereby changing down from the largest ring, it jumps...
  4. DCBassman

    Rear Derailleur Question

    Going from 8 to 9 speed... Does a 9-speed mech travel any different distance to an 8? The cassettes are the same overall size, no? Just wondering if I need change to a specific 9er if all else is changed, ie cassette and shifters...
  5. Jenkins

    Acera RD-M370 Rear Derailleur - 9 Speed - SOLD

    Brought this from Evans about a year ago as ex-display, test fitted it but never used and couldn't be bothered to return for a refund. Cosmetic scratch as per the pictures - £10 delivered with payment by Paypal or bank transfer.
  6. G

    Rear derailleur installation issue

    Been trying to fit a new Shimano XT rear derailleur with 11-46 sunrace cassette but having issues with derailleur (tension?) When in 46T ring the top jockey wheel sits just on the cassette teeth but as soon as you move down the gears it's terrible and doesn't hold position at all. Nightmare! by...
  7. Johnno260

    Front derailleur

    On my way in this morning the chain hopped off the front crank, now I can’t get it to shift to the large crank. How do I adjust, sorry for the probably silly question but I leave gear adjustment to the pros usually. Edit: when I lean the bike over towards the side with the gears it’s will...
  8. K

    Front Derailleur Issues

    I have a Shimano 105 groupset and no matter how I adjust the front derailleur the chain still catches on the guard when in the smallest gear and on both big and small ring. If I manage to adjust it to stop the catching I lose the ability to choose the highest gear. It's almost as if there is...
  9. B

    105 derailleur

    I'm after a 10 Speed medium cage 105 derailleur but can only find them in black. I'm sure they used to come in silver and would prefer that to match the aesthetics of the other components I have. I don't suppose anyone knows where I can get hold of one? Have tried searching all the retailers...
  10. Ajay

    Rear Derailleur to run 34t cassette (10 speed)

    I currently have a sram red set up with 50/34 chain set and 11-28 cassette (10 speed). I want to run a bigger cassette - 34t (don’t judge, I have my reasons!). Any advice on which rear derailleur would be compatible? Most road/gravel derailleurs I’m seeing that take 34t are 11 speed. I’m not...
  11. Kell

    Front derailleur on a Bromptopn

    I was having a chat the other day with one of the guys on my train that has a Birdy Folder. I was moaning about climbing the hill out the station and saying I might fit a smaller chainring (which I've done), and he said can't you fit a front derailleur and two chainrings? I did a quick search...
  12. Mr. Cow

    105 rear derailleur missing screw..?

    Hello :smile: I had an off and on inspecting the bike I noticed there appears to be a screw missing from the rear derailleur? This is on the underside near the cage section.. can anyone tell me what this screw was for, and if it might stop me nursing the bike home? Upside down the bike...
  13. P

    Front Derailleur Issues

    Hello I've been upgrading Shimano Revoshift to Tourney Thumbshift (SL-TX50) on my son's bike (Python Rock). Rear derailleur was really easy and no problem (and much improved shifting!) but front one is causing me a headache … The main issue I have is that the shifter "maxes out" half way round...
  14. B

    Derailleur spring broke

    A new experience for me. I heard it snap. I wondered if something had broken. I was in the lowest gear, waiting at the lights. Off I went, tried to change gear, no change gear. I looked and saw that the hook at the end of the spring had snapped off. I can see the shiny metal where it...
  15. tom73

    Rear derailleur not shifting to smallest cog.

    Following on form last nights ride showed the gears needed a bit of indexing. On closer inspection and after the normal barrel and limit screw adjustment tricks to get shifting to the smallest cog the shifter has no more clicks left either. But still will not move to the smallest cog. Any...
  16. Gatters

    Shimano 7402 Derailleur

    Anyone got a spec sheet for this? What are the cassette teeth ranges for this mech, I've done a bit of Gooling but not found anything Thanks in advance
  17. eversorich

    SRAM Rival 1 rear derailleur - spare?

    Hi All, My bike came with an SRAM Rival 1 (long cage) rear derailleur. I'll be leaving to travel Asia in the next few months and I want to take a spare derailleur. I'm pretty good with Shimano but I'm now aware of the finicky side of SRAM so my question is this: Can I use another cheaper SRAM...
  18. Nibor

    Will a 3 speed shifter work with a 2 speed front derailleur / chainset

    I want to convert a 9 speed road bike to flat bars and have some 3 X 9 acera shifters. I wondered if they would work for a 2 speed front set up?
  19. M

    Shimano 105 STI not pulling front derailleur cable

    Hi I'm in the process of replacing my gear and brake cables, frst time I've done this. I have fitted The front derailleur cable but have not attached to the front mech. I thought I'd check that when changed gear, it actually pulled the cable, it didn't. Is that normal ? They are ST5800...
  20. woodbine

    MTB Chain Deep Clean & Derailleur Idler Wheel Questions

    I have an old British Eagle MTB with 18 speed Shimano Uniglide. I have two questions; The chain (KMC) is approx. 4 years old and has been regularly cleaned and oiled in situ. I have measured the chain and it has no stretch yet. I would like to take the chain off and soak it in some kind of...
  21. MrPorridge

    Rear derailleur not shifting into lowest gear

    Hello. I've just bought a Triban RC520 from Decathlon. However, the rear derailleur (Shimano 105) wasn't shifting into either of the lowest two gears (small chainring and biggest two cassette cogs). So having googled the problem, I did the following: Pushed the derailleur with my fingers to...
  22. Flossyrockstar

    Thinking of changing from standard Derailleur to Alfine 11

    As above really, I do about 16 miles a day and a 1000 ft of climbing, are they any good?
  23. cosmicbike

    Shimano Ultegra 6800 Short Cage Rear Derailleur

    Used for 3000 miles. Very tiny mark on side, see 1st and 3rd pic, otherwise excellent. £25 plus post Paypal gift or bank Tx
  24. R

    UPDATE: Got my SunTour Cyclone rear derailleur in the mail :)

    A quick update about me and my SunTour Cyclone. It just arrived. I opened it. Very happy. Let me know if you want pictures and I'll see if I can upload a couple.
  25. RegG

    Rear derailleur problem....

    I am having problems with the 7 speed Shimano rear derailleur on a Raleigh Siren in that it will not shift into the largest cog on the cassette. It moves smoothly between the other six cogs on all three of the front chain rings. Before I start messing around adjusting screws etc can anyone on...
  26. Salty seadog

    Road Derailleur with trigger shifters.

    I need to replace my sram derailleur on the Montpellier. It has flat bar therefore trigger shifters. I have looked at the sram apex derailleur but this is a road mech. Both it and the mech it is replacing use sram exact actuation which gives a 1:1 pull ratio. Is it likely to work here or will I...
  27. Salty seadog

    derailleur query.

    I need a sram rear mech for use with10 speed 11-32 cassette on my fast hybrid. Reliable, good quality v cost, anything on a deal you know about? Don't really want to go above £50. TIA.
  28. M

    Shimano 105 5800 FD won't stop rubbing

    Hi all, I'm having some issues with the front derailleur on my new bike (Giant Contend SL 1). In the lowest gear (large back, smalll front) no matter what I try, the derailleur won't travel far enough inwards (towards the frame) to stop the chain rubbing against the plastic plate on the...
  29. Salty seadog

    Shifting problems. New derailleur?

    Right, I've been having shifting problems for a while. I can shift down the first 5 gears {from smallest Sprocket going up the block} fine by then the last 5 I have to hold the lever for a second or two to shift down and they sound a bit chatty. This is in the big ring up front. In the small...
  30. gareth01244

    Ultegra 6700 gs medium cage rear derailleur

    Looking for a nice example of a 6700 rear derailleur medium cage or the later 6700A that goes up to a 30t cog. Thanks
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