1. buzzy-beans

    Can I make the derailleur gap to the largest sprocket slightly larger?

    I have just fitted a replacement cassette with a wider set of ratios, it all fits and works perfectly with the single exception that there is next to no gap between the largest sprocket and the first slightly toothed wheel on the derailleur, in fact I think they are actually touching! I feel...
  2. Salty seadog

    Derailleur compatibility.

    Morning, I may be replacing my rear mech, at present I have a Sram via GT groupset on my 2014 Whyte Montpellier.
  3. Salty seadog

    Renewing derailleur and cassette.

    Hi all, this is on the whyte montpellier hybrid. I've been having some shifting issues in the lower 3-4 gears in both the big and small ring, needing a little extra push on the shifter to get it into the next lowest gear (biggest cog), also a little bit of chatter. I'd been fiddling with...
  4. D

    Rear derailleur converter.

    Hello. I am building (another) road bike from my spare part "store". My friend has told me I shall need one of the above. What is it used for ? Thank you for any replies.
  5. Roadhump

    Problem with front derailleur / gear shifter

    Hoping someone can give some advice on the problem I am having with shifting between the 2 front rings on my Sirrus. The shifter was stiff but operating, but then the chain stopped moving to the big ring. The problem was fixed but returned after a few days. I then took the bike to the LBS for...
  6. chriscross1966

    Swapping campagnolo derailleur cages

    Hi folks... For my current project I kind of need to sort out an 7/8-speed Campagnolo setup... for perfectly good aesthetic/pose reasons I'd like to use Syncro (II) gear shifters.... my issue is I need to deal with 32 teeth's worth of chain wrap... kicking around in the box is a rather tatty...
  7. antnee

    Derailleur cage lengths

    On looking through the posts r.e Derailleur Cage lengths I am now at a loss! 1) are short, medium and long cage lengths all set to standard lengths. and 2) do different manufacturers short, medium and long cages vary from one another? As I have a Shimano tiagra RD ( not sure of the model...
  8. busdennis

    6800 front derailleur woes

    having problems with this new set up. The front derailleur cable is supposed to go over the peg at the bottom of the bolt and come up the out side of the same bolt. Cabling up this way results in almost no shifting with an high resistance on the shifter. Shifting is much better with the cable...
  9. Gary E

    Ultegra Di2 6870 derailleur question.

    I currently have an Ultegra Di2 6870 SS (short cage) derailleur fitted but I'd like to increase the size of my cassette. Unfortunately, to do this, I'll need a GS (medium cage) derailleur. I'm assuming (and stand to be corrected) that the main part of the derailleur is identical on both and...
  10. chriscross1966

    35mm downtube shift adapters and front derailleur adapters

    Hi folks, I've seen plenty of adapter bosses to mount downtube shifters and braze-on front mechs on tubes up to 31.8mm, but does anyone do them for 35mm tubes?.. I'm not asking for a friend, I'm asking because I'm building a full-Campagnolo Brompton drop-bar, and I'd rather use clamp on bits...
  11. Riding in Circles

    SRAM Bar End shifters 10sp, Sram Rival derailleur

    I have three pairs of new take off SRAM TT500 shifters, 2 pairs are unmarked, one pair has a scuff on the left hand lever. See here; Scuffed are £45, unmarked are £55 Sram Rival Derailleur 10sp...
  12. EasyPeez

    Band on Derailleur Size?

    Hi, I need a new band-on front derailleur. I am planning on replacing a knackered Microshift jobby with a 105 5700. My bike is a 20 speed Boardman CX. The trouble is, I have no idea what band-on size I need! I measured the tube at 140mm circumference and divided by 3.14 as per GCSE maths (now...
  13. A

    Front Derailleur

    Hi, One of my bikes is a Giant Talon 4 2014 and my gears were playing up so decided to tune them. I have performed the front derailleur tuning on another bike okay but I cannot seem to get the front derailleur to tune in on this bike no matter what I try. Please help. Front derailleur is a...
  14. Dec66

    **SOLD ** Shimano Acera Rear Derailleur (Black)

    Bought a few years ago as I thought I needed one (I didn't). It's an RD-M360, useful for mountain bike and hybrids. Still in box, unused. £10 + postage, or I can whizz it round to you if you're in Central or South London.
  15. G

    Ultegra front derailleur

    Hi folks just put a new Ultegra 6800 11 speed groupset on my Ribble r872. Was wondering is it inevitable that I will get a bit of chain rub at the extremes ie big chainring big rear sprocket, I'm also aware about cross chaining. What's your thoughts and can you trim the front derailleur to get...
  16. cosmicbike

    Rear Derailleur Cage Lengths

    Is the difference between a long cage and a short cage just the cage length? I have a short cage Ultegra mech, if I want the capacity to run a 32T sprocket can I simply fit only the cage element of a long cage Sora for example?
  17. MrOz

    Sold - Simplex mech

  18. broady

    Front derailleur 8 speed

    I seem to have misplaced my front derailleur for the work bike! Anyone got a 8 speed double braze on or 34.9 band on (I think). Let me know if you have anything and how much you want for it. Cheers
  19. Berk on a Bike

    Pin thing in my front derailleur

    Yesterday, coming to the top of a hill I had to change down into the "help the aged" gear (small ring, biggest sprocket). When I did, I heard some almighty rattling and the chain seemed reluctant to engage. On inspection I found the chain to be really rubbing the inside of the derailleur cage...
  20. meddyliol

    Rear derailleur size?

    I have just bought a 'Shimano Tourney TX' to replace the 'Power Index System' one (which I assume is a cheap thing). I have just taken the old one off and compared it to the new one, I am amazed at the difference in size, the new one looks twice as big as the old one. I hope I haven't made a...
  21. BretonM

    Derailleur Cage Length

    Hello all, I recently ordered a Shimano Zee derailleur because I had a pretty bad accident and snapped mine. I run a 1x10 drivetrain. A 32t chainring. A 11-34t cassette. However I ordered the short Cage derailleur, is this going to be a problem ? Thanks.
  22. Cuchilo

    front derailleur ( Ultegra )

    The front derailleur on my giant trinity had started to rub on the big ring slightly . I took the bike into my giant shop and they sorted the problem but on my next ride it started doing it again after about a mile . The shop has said the plate is slightly bent and they will replace it under...
  23. N

    Rear derailleur, again!

    Okay guys - I have a mid compact ultegra set-up 52/36 up front and 11-28 at the rear. Looking for a lower gear for hilly stuff. Going to buy a mid-cage rear mech, an 11-32 cassette and a new chain. Local Evans has them all in stock and is open today. What do I need to do with the new chain? Add...
  24. broady

    Rear derailleur

    Is this still okay or under too much strain? This is in 52/28: And on 36/11, will it take an extra couple of links: *And yes I know all about chain crossing
  25. R

    Rear Derailleur mech and chain broke....

    l have been having problems with my specialised racer the last couple of days, when l put pressure on the pedal or going up hill the chain was coming off. Anyway today l went out on the bike and the chain came off twice before a third time when the bike locked up with the chain coming off and...
  26. geopat

    Tiagra 9 Speed front derailleur & Cannondale C4 Calipers

    Both items in great used condition. Calipers have used Clarke's pads fitted. £25 delivered for calipers and £12 delivered for the derailleur. Derailleur now sold.
  27. Tin Pot

    Clunky rear derailleur on lower gears

    A bit of a puzzler. On the smallest four cogs the rear derailleur is smooth. On the cogs larger it immediately is clunking, juddering. Recent history: Reindexed it last week, did some hills in the rain noticed it not shifting properly, did a turbo session with it clunking weirdly (tried to...
  28. DCLane

    All SOLD: Stronglight NOS crankset, Sachs Huret derailleur

    A new old stock Stronglight white crankset, 170mm with 52/42 cranks: Sachs Huret rear derailleur, 1987:
  29. midliferider

    Rear derailleur cable connector

    While I changing the cables, I have lost the small piece which connect the cable to the rear derailleur. I googled it and it is not something that you can buy. What can I do?
  30. thunderlips76

    help with rear derailleur

    hi guys. my girlfriend recently bought a specialized diverge (which is nice) but unfortunately on her first trip out she came off pretty bad. the right hand shifter was bent in and i managed to get it back into position. but after this she couldn't shift into the rear big cog without the chain...
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