1. thunderlips76

    help with rear derailleur

    hi guys. my girlfriend recently bought a specialized diverge (which is nice) but unfortunately on her first trip out she came off pretty bad. the right hand shifter was bent in and i managed to get it back into position. but after this she couldn't shift into the rear big cog without the chain...
  2. mm1995

    (Tiagra 4601) 10/9 speed derailleur compatibility

    My ultegra 6600 derailleur broke and now I am looking for a replacement 9 speed derailleur. It seems that the only new 9 speed road derailleur shops have in stock is the Sora 3500. I'd like to get a Tiagra or above, which makes me wonder what other Shimano derailleurs will take a 9 speed chain...
  3. mm1995

    Shimano 9sp medium cage derailleur or RD-6600 cage plates

    Hello, my rear derailleur plates got bent and I need to replace either the plates (which seem to be really hard to get) or a new derailleur. Any 9-speed Shimano GS Sora or better will do. Thanks!
  4. L

    Front derailleur fun

    What fun that was! My chain was slightly rubbing at one extreme of the gear set (I can't remember which end, I think the very lowest). So I looked on you tube for how to adjust it. Hours of absolute joyful entertainment :wacko: And it still rubs.......I have though, managed to get the set i use...
  5. greekonabike

    Front Derailleur Struggles To Shift To Smallest Chainring

    The rear derailleur on my bike seems to be set up perfectly but if I'm in a smaller cog on the rear cassette and the middle chainring the bike will struggle to go to the smaller chainring and I have to go one of the larger cogs in the cassette to get it to shift. What can I do to get it into the...
  6. KneesUp

    8 speed down tube shifters

    I've been cobbling together a bike over the last few months, and it's now almost complete. It needs some way to change gear though. It's 8 speed, so if anyone has an old 8 speed road mech in their bits box, I'd be interested. I've managed to get hold of a 105 front and Ultegra brakes, so...
  7. confusedcyclist

    Dura-Ace Road Bar End Shifter and MTB Derailleur Confusion

    I just picked up a bargain Surly LHT frame on ebay, currently drawing up a table of components for my DIY build but have been struggling with the gearing/shifters. I've only ever experienced drop bars with STI levers, and now want to give bar ends a go. I want to put on a triple crankset, and...
  8. Jason.T

    Changing di2 rear derailleur

    Hi guys A mate of mine has ultegra di2 with a 11-28 cassette, he wants to change the cassette to 32t he has a short cage derailleur so will need to go medium or long Can the rear derailleur just be swapped out or will it need pairing in some way or even plugged into the laptop, I'm hoping...
  9. Pat "5mph"

    Quick rear derailleur question :-)

    Hi all! Will my Tiagra rear take a 11/34 cassette, fitted now is an 11/30, triple set up. Don't want to click "buy" before consulting CC. £ 12.95 from Wiggle is ok, isn't it? I'll be away from the computer for a bit, so thanks in advance for the answers :smooch:
  10. dan_bo

    BNI(knackered)B Ultegra front derailleur

    6603 triple front mech. 31.8mm clamp. Box a bit cabbaged. Never been fitted. £22 posted in the uk.
  11. scarygerbil

    derailleur woes

    hi guys i have recently got a Stuart Sincliar TT frame on an impulse buy. when i was dry fitting wheels I noticed that there seems to be very limited clearance for the front derailleur to be attached to the the down tube (see photo), i don't want to put a brase on it so any ideas. Its been...
  12. migrantwing

    In Praise of Derailleur Hangers from 925engineering

    I would like to sing the praises of Alex and Michelle at 925engineering I ordered two of the same derailleur hangers from them and they arrived within the week, all the way from California. The quality of the machining of these hangers is excellent. They are CNC machined (by Alex himself, I...
  13. migrantwing

    The Abbey HAG derailleur alignment tool

    Is it really that good or is it just the new cool thing to use? A 'work of Art' meets functionality and all that c**p. Is it really the Campagnolo Super Record of bicycle maintenance tools? It should be for the price. Abbey Bike Tools HAG
  14. B

    Shimano Medium Cage Derailleur Capacity

    What's the absolute maximum size cassette I can use with a Shimano medium cage gs derailleur? I do know that with the short cage the maximum spec is a 28t cassette but in reality it will work fine with a 32. The max your supposed to use with a medium cage is a 32t so will it too take an extra 4...
  15. D

    Suitable derailleur for 12 to 35 cassette.

    Hello,can any one help me with the above ? I have changed my 12 to 29 cassette for the above (long hills and old age are getting the better of me ) The bike has a 50 x 34 compact crank and 10 speeds, all Shimano. I realise that the existing mechanism has only a short :medium cage shifter and I...
  16. al3xsh

    Cube attain sl disc derailleur hanger

    Hi all, I have recently bought a cube attain sl disc with Syntace x12 thru axles front and rear - so far I'm loving the bike, BUT today I gave it a good wash and took both wheels off and now I can't put the rear thru axle back in! It looks like the removable drop out / rear derailleur hanger...
  17. B

    Click / Clunk noise: new wheels, dérailleur and chain

    After a mechanical issue a month back, I replaced my wheels (Fulcrum 5), dérailleur (105), hanger and chain. I am about 200 miles into this new setup. Every now and then when in a high gear / riding fast, or if I pull away in too high a gear, I'll hear a click or clunking noise from the rear...
  18. Daddybus

    Derailleur woes

    Bought this bike a few weeks ago (from a bit of a chancer i think....) with a very close ratio freewheel which would only work on four out of the five gears. I swapped the wheel over today with a conventional 14/24? 5 speed wheel... I can now get all 5 gears but its all very noisy &
  19. Truth

    Front Derailleur

    Hi all, Posting in "Beginners" again as you never feel quite so bad when you post a stupid question ! :laugh: I need a new derailleur , this one was damaged quite a while ago but I have just put up with it , until yesterday when I tried to adjust my gears (with the help of my neighbour as I am...
  20. B

    Dérailleur and Chain broken

    Set off on a journey today and within 7-8 miles my chain started slipping badly, there was no warning, it wasn't gradual, it just started happening. I unscrewed* the barrel adjuster a bit and tried all the gears at the side of the road bit but it didn't improve (nor get worse) while actual...
  21. A

    Front derailleur headache

    Hi! I have a hybrid with a triple 48-38-28 crankset, 8 speed . This bicycle was working perfectly well and also well maintained. Suddenly the shifting of the front derailleur has gone bad. That is, it does not shift smoothly from the middle chain ring to the largest, there is a lot of noise and...
  22. Okeydokey

    Front derailleur choice

    My Raleigh Airlite 100 has had its front derailleur replaced by a previous owner. The front derailleur is controlled by a paddle that has two settings Hi & Lo, but the derailleur currently in place seems made for three rings... so having now changed one of the chainrings things have started to...
  23. Swifty

    Campagnolo gran sport rear derailleur

    Have got hold of a early 50's one is there any way of accurate dating it has toothless pulleys with ball bearing races and all works fine the old chap who gave it to me said 1953 he is 86 years old and still rides nearly 60 miles a week hope I'm as active at his age he is in the process of...
  24. 400bhp

    Shimano Tiagra 9 speed levers and front derailleur

    I have the aboove for sale following a conversion to a 10 speed system: 1. Levers - off a triple. £50 + p&p. Well used but work fine. 2. Front mech - triple. £5 + p&p:
  25. IBarrett

    Giant Defy2 derailleur attachment - help please

    I've boxed up a bike to send to Spain and noticed the rear derailleur is only attached to the frame with one small screw right in the middle, then it relys on the wheel/frame/skewer bolting everything tight. There is what looks like another space for a screw towards the back but there is nothing...
  26. Dave the Smeghead

    Replacing front derailleur

    Need some advice please I need to replace the front derailleur on my Tern Joe D21 commuter. I have just swapped out the crankset and increased the big ring from 48 to 52 (better cruising speeds). The bike is a 24 speed (8 rear sprokets, 3 front chainrings) and the cable layout is above the...
  27. idlecyclist

    Front Derailleur problems, chain coming off.

    Not sure if I am missing something, but i cant seem to get the Front Derailleur shifting properly. I'm running a ten speed compact 105. I set the Low limit with no cable attached, chain on the small front gear and largest rear gear. 1mm gap, no rubbing, all is good. Then attach the cable, Chain...
  28. blackgoff

    105 10spd levers - D.A. Front Derailleur with a Sram Apex C.Set

    I had a 105 front derailleur and it was shifting fine cept I wanted to go Dura Ace, so a while back I fitted one and the shifting has became TERRIBLE I have to really push the shift lever to the right to get it to move onto the bigring! I can't pull the cable thru any more as its over enough...
  29. R

    6800 front derailleur set up

    I'm having a real tough time setting up the 6800 front derailleur, at the moment it is not shifting up from small to big at all and I have a lot of trouble eliminating slack in the gear cable on the small ring before screwing down the allen bolt that holds the cable. I'm trying this without an...
  30. toontra

    Shimano 105 RD-5701 10-speed rear derailleur

    Black short-cage version (up to 28 cassette). This came on a new bike and was removed after testing but before being ridden so is effectively new. £23 collected from London N1 or + P&P
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