Considerate drivers

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My route to work takes me along a "wide single" or "narrow 2 way" piece of uphill country lane, just enough space for two vehicles to pass. Anyway, yesterday morning I was plodding up the hill when a 4x4 came the other way (down the hill). The driver slowed right down and practically parked halfway up the bank on his side of the road and waited for me to pass.

They're not all idiot drivers out there, unlike the hearse that nearly took me out near home last week (short of business I guess).


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Agreed. In my experience there are far more considerate drivers than inconsiderate ones. Your cycling habits can influence the numbers of each too, to a certain extent.


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I was stuck in wembley stadium traffic last night The roads not wide enough to filter on the inside, and there is usually enough space to filter on the outside, but I got stuck behind this van. As soon as the traffic moved a bit, he made a very clear movement to let me through.

Got a big thumbs up from me.


Reasonable day for considerate drivers actually.

On my way to work I have to turn right from the main road at a set of signals which is "no right turn except cycles" - bus driver stopped to let me turn right across him, even though he was turning left and would then end up behind me. Quite often get let across there by a bus (bus drivers here seem pretty courteous on whole) .

Coming out of work, cars stopped both ways to let me out, which has never happened before.

But..... This evening about 1/2 a mile from home, am on a side road in primary, approaching a 90 degree blind bend. Idiot in a Megane estate (brake lights stuck on) decides to overtake - and a car appeared round the bend as he was coming past. That was a bit close (a few, er, words were shouted), good job I had plenty of room to shift over into. I overtook him waiting for the temporary lights 50 yards up the road.
I think most drivers are aware of the dangers that cyclist's face every day and try to accomodate their needs on the road but like most things it does'nt take much to spoil that goodwill ... i think it was tdr1nka that was only saying this week that a driver had complimented him and he was rude to him in return ? thats enough to pi$$ a driver off and then the next 20 or whatever cyclist suffer because of that one incident

I think this is the 1st thread ive ever seen on here praising a 4x4 driver ?



black cab damn near hit me as I waited at a junction in primary tonight, took the turn way too fast and way too wide, idiot


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Have to say along with others that I have absolutely no problem with the vast majority of drivers. I find many, often, commendably considerate and tolerant of some pretty stupid behaviour. Some are peanuts. As are some cyclists, and a fair few pedestrians. All in all they seem to be quite a lot like people really.


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While we're at it, thumbs up to the youngish chap who seeing me having waited behind an obstruction (a parked lorry - and I was only obeying the law, not doing anything special)) to let oncoming traffic through, gave me a wave of thanks. The previous two drivers had ignored me.

Anyway, he got a big smile and a wave in return.

I do make the effort to wave, nod and smile at any driver who lets me across traffic or suchlike - once I've made the move safely...
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