Control cables, who's to buy?

Hi, looking to renew the brake/gear cables on my four-year-old Tifosi as I'm about to resume cycle commuting and want to know I can rely on everything to work, plus which I think she deserves a refresh after four years :smile:
Currently fitted with Shimano mechs front and rear, Shimano brake/shifters and Miche calipers, not sure what the cables are they're whatever it came new with, but I'm looking for recommendations for good-quality replacement cables. Not prob if it all comes in a roll and I have to cut them to length.
Thanks, in advance :hungry:


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Jagwire are good. A bit pricey though.
BTW, if you need a cable cutter, look for a non bike-specific one and save yourself some notes.

The Draper Expert one is about £14 on Amazon and is excellent.
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I'd recommend stainless inners but I just normally use Clarkes. Also be aware that gear outer and brake outer are different for anything indexed and over 6 speed. Best to pop into your LBS and buy a set of inners and sufficient outer and if you buy cutters DO NOT ever lend them to anyone or use them for cutting anything else. DAMHIKT.


Be careful if you buy brake cables from Amazon or Ebay. I once bought what were supposed to be Jagwire stainless-steel cables from an Amazon vendor, but in reality they were nothing of the sort.

Next time I replace my cables, I'll go with Clarks stainless-steel cables from Halfords. They are inexpensive and good quality.


Jagwire full kit (brake, gear and ferrules and extras) £25. It's worth the small cost for a potentially life saving bit of wire.

I second the Draper Expert cable cutters.


I used the Jagwire Road Pro kit on my Defy recently. Amazing difference in shifting and braking quality. The inner cable itself is coated and the outer has a coated inner surface. Very reasonable for the price too.


@bpsmith The older Jagwire kit was called Racer, that's possibly what was on your bike from new. The newer Road Pro kit has changed the frame protectors and has those linky things for keeping the cables that cross over at the headtube together. I prefer the older frame protectors as they were longer, the newer ones look like cable donuts.

I posted a few years ago about the difference in kits:

There's also a Road Elite kit which I believe to be a 'sealed' option.

Just be careful with the black coating on the inner cables. If it starts to rub off, it can clog up your outer cables. So try and insert the inners once when recabling the bike. I also found that scratching the black coating off where the cable is anchored at the brakes and derailleurs helps to attach it tighter and more securely.
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