Conversation on a train.

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So our little train going from Scarboro' to Liverpool.It stops at York and all hell breaks out.we only have three carriages and a vast number of people get on,it seems a tractor has broken down on the line between York Leeds and Doncaster or maybe beyond.
So my table has three seats spare.I get a married couple middle aged and from darn sarf.So we engage in conversation and good fun it was.Then our single male passenger butts in.Well it was the best thing ever,what an entertainer he was.His name Andrew Casey Artist and Author look him up what a talent.He had some very tongue in cheek statements which were not PC but i told him they were a bit tongue in cheek and clever.So he expanded about himself Artist painter Author lives in Suffolk.Leeds lad born and bred.He gets out his sketch book,my word what work.Then he gets out a couple of postcard sized flyers about a six artist show in his home town in Suffolk.I looked at it and said this drawing painting is from an area in Leeds,Leeds 9 to be precise.His jaw dropped he was amazed.He said he was going to tell that story to his friends.
Well on arriving home myself i Googled Andrew Casey,the man is a Genius look at his work look at where he has taken lectures,what a great time i had on the train with him.He is back in Leeds to do some scouting for his next set of drawings and to visit his old mum.A great fellow.


Better than queuing at the post office @postman :laugh:
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