1. Nibor

    9 speed drive train components ****All Sorted mow****

    Looking to set up a 9 x 1 MTB before buy new has anyone got any bits. 9 speed cassette, rear derailleur, chain and chainset single ring 170mm for preference. Moderate quality preferred but all considered. I have a compact 11 speed 105 chainset available for swaps. Can pay also
  2. G

    Falling asleep on the train ( it’s that time of year )

    Went out for a few beers last Friday with a work colleague , we went to watch Brentford v Watford and he fell asleep on the train ! £50 Uber back home ! Just spoke to my nephew and he told me he fell asleep and saw farms and stone cottages out the train window ! Ended up In the cotswolds ( lives...
  3. T

    Train Behaviours!

    There's probably a few on here doing mixed mode commuting that involves train. I was just wondering what behaviours you'd like to see trained out of your fellow train passengers. I grew up with rail workers and getting free journeys in the cab so I know i get a bit precious about train user's...
  4. I

    SOLVED - Golden Cheetah: Train View Workout Ride Profile Higher Than Ride Imported

    I created a Workout from a ride/Activity using Import. When I view the wattage of the ride profile, it is much higher than the actual ride. I'd like it to reflect the actual ride wattage. How do I do this?
  5. I

    SOLVED - Golden Cheetah: Train View Performance chart

    I am running Golden Cheetah v3.6 developmental build jan 2021 on W10. When I used to go into Train mode and select my workout, the chart in the middle used to show a watts graph of my selected workout. When I started the workout, a vertical line showed where I was in the workout. I did something...
  6. Lovacott

    Best Drive Train Oil?

    Once a week, on Saturday mornings, I give the bike a clean and I pay special attention to the drive train. Afterwards, I oil it up with bog standard 3-1 oil. However, if it's a wet week, by Wednesday, I find my drive train misbehaving itself and I end up giving it a clean and a fresh coat of...
  7. Tail End Charlie

    Key to get off Avanti train.

    When travelling on Avanti trains, (where you have to be let on and off with your bike), despite booking a cycle place and informing the guard where you're getting off, I find there's usually a fraught time on arrival where I'm not sure if the doors will be opened. I could do with one of the keys...
  8. A

    How long to train for 100km ride?

    I want to ride 100km as part of a fundraiser, how long do you think I would need to train for? It's not a race, it's just about having the stamina to do it and there can be breaks in-between. My maximum distance I have risen in a day is 64km with 3 breaks (some a lot longer than others). Also...
  9. D

    Is it a Boat, is it a Train, more than 1 solution to a problem

    Saw this & thought you lot who seem to like engineering would too, in the UK we would have built locks. View:
  10. ianbarton

    Taking a Bike on a Train In Current Conditions

    In pre Coronavirus days I would sometimes drive to Chester or Prestatyn, drop the car off then cycle to Bangor/Anglesey and catch the train back to the car. Now that Wales had been declared a foreign country and you can't travel there from England I have been thinking about a new route. I could...
  11. D

    Upgrading a dtive train

    Hi all thank you for the great information some amazing knowledgable people on this site I am currently running a 8 speed shimano Deore XT rear mech front mech bar end shifters Cassette 11-34 Stronglight chainset 170 MM cranks Unknown bottom bracket Kmc chain Apart from the cassette ,chain...
  12. gbs

    BIKES on the train NOW

    What is your interpretation of the lockdown rules if I take a train for say 30 mins to facilitate my daily exercise?
  13. E

    Bike on train Prestwick - Glasgow

    Hi, hope this is an appropriate forum. Does anyone have experience of taking a bike on the train from Prestwick to Glasgow Central? The ScotRail website doesn't allow you to make the reservation online (this is what I normally do on Scottish trains). I want to travel sometime in the middle of...
  14. Ming the Merciless

    How normal people can train like the worlds best endurance athletes.

    This is great View:
  15. Chris S

    Off peak train times

    According to Trainline peak fares are, "Monday to Friday (not on public holidays) between 06:30 and 09:30, and between 16:00 and 19:00." Does this mean that you can't be on a train at that time or you just can't board one then?
  16. Rhysito

    Where to train during the week in London?

    I am trying to take my training a little more seriously and on weekends I get out to Surrey for some long rides, but are there any routes in London which do not involve stopping and starting at traffic lights ever two minutes in London? i am based in archway and work centrally and could put in...
  17. jamin100

    Train Station Cycling Hubs

    Going to be starting to cycle to the station soon and im in 2 minds as to whether to wrestle by bike onto the train and lock it at work, or leave it at the station. The station im using has one of those new (ish) cycling hub things which are keycard entry (which anyone can apply for) CCTV...
  18. Racing roadkill

    Pain in the backside train issues.

    I’m planning this month’s imperial century challenge ride, and my initial plan has had its metaphorical balls kicked, by ‘engineering works’ on the train journey part to the start. I’ve found a way around it, but it’s a bit of a Jip. Why the hell the train people have decided to do this, on a...
  19. rugby bloke

    No room on the train - risk it or get up even earlier ?

    A bit of a dilemma for tomorrow's commute. Being a good boy I always book a place for my bike on the train, as requested by East Midlands Trains. From experience I am in the minority so often there are usually more than the regulation 2 bikes in bike storage area. Having tried to book for...
  20. RobinS

    Train Budapest to Rotterdam?

    We are currently cycling the EV6 eastwards but have realised we won't have time to cycle home as originally planned. Does anyone know if you can tip up at Budapest station and buy a train ticket including bikes at a sensible price, to Rotterdam via Munich perhaps? Have tried looking online but...
  21. Douggie954

    Edinburgh to Newcastle train

    Does anybody know if you can take a loaded touring bike from Edinburgh to Newcastle on the train without booking? Thanks in advance.
  22. RobinS

    Train Norwich to Portsmouth?

    Looking at getting two of us with two heavily loaded tourers from Norwich to Portsmouth, for the ferry to start our 3 month tour. Don't really want to cycle that bit as cycling across densely populated southern England is not really our thing. We might be able to get someone to drive us, but...
  23. R

    Planning Dunkirk to Antwerp - Any route suggestions, also not sure if can get back on train? Thanks

    In three weeks time, I plan to cycle from Dunkirk to Antwerp just for a little ride in Europe. Have booked some time of work and really looking forward to it. This is my current route if anyone had suggestions on what route to take instead, or things to see that would be cool...
  24. mustang1

    Cycling vs train: pros and cons

    If I use train, I put on jeans, top, jacket, and go. Oh yeah, and take headphones. Enjoy a movie or audiobook. If I use bike, well, there's a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be done. Layer up for clothes to get there, have different set of clothes for return journey, shower at end of...
  25. Dave7

    How to pre-book train tickets ?

    Sounds simple but I have never done it. (On the odd occasion we go its by car or just turn up at the station) We are going to Liverpool tomorrow and are happy to go/return between, say, 09.30 & 1700 hrs. Some questions. .Best ticket company to use? .How do I pay for them? .How do I get the...
  26. D

    Drive train friction

    As a rule-of thumb, if I spin the pedals backwards and let go, how many revolutions of the pedals would it be reasaonable to expect before they come to a stop? I'm a little concerned that there seems to be excess friction somewhere in my drive train (possibly the jockey wheel/s), so I'm...
  27. Reynard

    Hampshire for the day from Cambridgeshire: bike & train

    I've had a day trip down to Hampshire in mind for quite a while, and there's a window for me to do it in a fortnight or so's time. I could always drive, but don't really fancy it, or I could go all public transport, letting the train and bus take the strain. Then there's the combination of bike...
  28. postman

    Conversation on a train.

    So our little train going from Scarboro' to Liverpool.It stops at York and all hell breaks out.we only have three carriages and a vast number of people get on,it seems a tractor has broken down on the line between York Leeds and Doncaster or maybe beyond. So my table has three seats spare.I get...
  29. A

    Eurostar train bike pickup at London St Pancras

    Has anyone any recent experience of picking a bike up from Eurostar at London St Pancras? The bike is going on fully assembled (space is booked) so that I don't have to faff about putting it back together in London before an onward train. Is damage a real possibility? What's the procedure if...
  30. stoatsngroats

    Starting a commuter ‘train’ in Rural Chichester.

    My OH is considering a 10 mile cycle to work, which would use rural fast roads towards Chichester, and then out the other end towards Witterings/Selsey, but she would prefer to have someone with her. She’s thinking of starting a group commute, and then joining other staff to ride the last couple...
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