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Does anybody know if you can take a loaded touring bike from Edinburgh to Newcastle on the train without booking?
Thanks in advance.


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Go on, spoil us. Tell us the train operator so we have got a head start when we do the Google search.


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www.projectmapping.co.uk/train_operating_co.html makes me think Scotrail is the only cross-border operator not requiring reservations [Edit To Add: and they only cross the border on the West Coast Main Line, not the more direct-for-this East one] https://www.scotrail.co.uk/plan-your-journey/cycling/bikes-trains so it's Scotrail to Glasgow, Scotrail to Carlisle and then either Scotrail or Northern to Newcastle. Takes at least 5h30, prices between £42 and £84. https://traintimes.org.uk/edb/NCL/last/next+monday/?changes=2&via=kilmarnock

If I couldn't book, I'd look whether I could pack the bike to do it faster and cheaper on National Express or Megabus. www.atob.org.uk used to have good info on this but it's been intermittent for me recently.
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I think you need to check the bike accommodation when booking.

Increasingly, it amounts to front wheel hooks with the bike hanging vertically.

Not much good with a loaded tourer, particularly as you always have to load bikes on the hurry up so there's little time to remove panniers, bottles and the like.


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Lner have a proper guards van for the bikes. You can book the bike at the station but you won't get the cheapest price that way and you nay need to wait for a train that has free bike spaces.


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Thanks everyone. Looks like it could be a bit of a pain. I think I will have to contact LNER.
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