Pain in the backside train issues.

I’m planning this month’s imperial century challenge ride, and my initial plan has had its metaphorical balls kicked, by ‘engineering works’ on the train journey part to the start. I’ve found a way around it, but it’s a bit of a Jip. Why the hell the train people have decided to do this, on a very busy main route, on a Saturday ( rather than Sunday ) is beyond me. Anyway, we shall see. If this works, it’s one for the ‘scrapbook of crazy ideas on a bike’.:laugh:


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Come on then, what are the plans?!^_^
Come on then, what are the plans?!^_^
Riggghhhht then. I was going to get a train to Woking, from a station about 4 miles away, ride to LMNH in Old street from Woking, then the 80 odd miles from Old street to home. Unfortunately the train from that station is bolloksed, by engineering works, which means I have to take an around the houses route to Woking, from a station 10 miles away. I’ll also have to trek up to the Velodrome in London to make the mileage work.
Due to the train shenanigans, I’ve decided to do something totally different today instead. Unfortunately the Garmin decided it wanted to go home after 15 miles, fortunately I spotted it early enough, and only ended up adding 10 miles to the outward leg:rolleyes:. I’m just refuelling at a ‘spoons, then I’ll get the homeward leg completed👍 To be fair, as soon as I punched the Garmin, and re started the route, it’s given me some ( extremely mucky ) but nice quiet roads to get to the stop point ( Littlehampton ).
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