Coughing when bending over

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rich p

ridiculous old lush
For instance when I bend to do my shoelaces up. I have begun hving a cough, and occasionally a retch. Someone suggested a hiatus hernia as a possibility.
Any ideas?
I think you know the answer you are going to get. ^_^

DR's apt.
If you're asking whether a cycling injury can cause such symptoms, then yes, it's possible you've done yourself a mischief on the bike, get to the Doctor, and find out what's up.


Rural Kent
Cheers for the doctor's heads up. That hadn't occurred to me:thumbsup:
This is the sort of time when my id pops up old-fashioned sexist generalisations, which I know are bad. I'm sure there are plenty of women who get something wrong with them and don't think of going to the doctor either... :thumbsup:
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