Couldn`t give a four X.........Factor!


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It`s fast approaching that time of night when all right minded people move away from the T.V. set! In our house anyway. How many more saturday nights early evening viewing is going to be ruined? Big glass of red and an hour or so netting, what do you reckon? :blush:


Last time I mentioned it I got accused of being smug, but I don't have a telly.

I miss a few things I used to watch but on the whole I have a lot more time on my hands. Shame I waste most of that.:blush:

I never liked any of the reality shows, unless they're presented by Sir Attenborough (Richard), and like you would at this time of night press the magic off button.

I am smug about not paying the wages of Jonathan Ross or Chris Moyles.:ohmy:


Never seen it, never will, or any of its clones. I don't watch any of the soaps either, in fact most days I have very little to discuss with my workmates and that makes me feel good.

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X-factor is real train-wreck TV. It still amazes me that into the 7th competition there are still so many misguided people out there. Did they not watch any of the previous series?
However, on a positive note, there are a few real diamonds in amongst the deluded.


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never seen it...never will. I'd rather read my books.
I'm on my 2nd glass of red wine now.
I didn't go out on my bike for a ride today...was just too tired from last night's supreme effort. :blush:


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have you ever wondered why so many people on x-factor are misguided. it's because by the time they get to simon's panel they've already been through a couple of auditions and passed. a mate of mine tried out for it (never heard her sing but if she sang as good as she looked ...) (natalie umbruglia lookalike if your wondering)

but anyway, i luv it. i mean, come on, you know if you can sing or not (not in my case!) so if you choose to go an make a fool of yourself on national tv that's your problem.

i luv Ant and Dec too :blush:

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Where I'm working and living at the moment there is TV but it's all in the Vietnamese Language so it also a case of no Tele for me most of the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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