Covid Vaccine: Direct experience of side effects


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This tread is intended as a space to REPORT any personal experiences of side effects.

Note: True side effects, NOT "It felt like flu", or "My arm hurt" - which are general effects for any vaccine.

Since having the Oxford Vaccine a few weeks ago MrsPK has experienced mild tinnitus in the form of a low level constant ringing sound.
Google identifies this as one of the reported possible side effects.

Anyone else with direct experience?
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Do you want any 'Nothing of note' (e.g. sore arm/flu) for some balance ?

11 in my immediate family, 'nothing of note'. None with any other side effects.

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Wife got her 2nd jag on Saturday (Pfizer). On Sunday she had a fever of 38.4 degrees and felt like her eyeballs were being pushed out her head. Very bad headache. Took paracetamol and was fine on Monday morning


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Do you want any 'Nothing of note' (e.g. sore arm/flu) for some balance ?

11 in my immediate family, 'nothing of note'. None with any other side effects.
I think that's fine. But to be useful any discussion is best left to the vaccine thread.


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Me - very tired on the evening of the jab, slight dehydration type headache that evening and all the next day.
OH - very tired on the evening, fine after that.

Edit: This was the first dose of the Oxford Astra Zeneca one. Might be helpful if we add that info as side effects may vary.

Also, neither of us are on other meds or have significant health issues.
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(Pfizer dose 1) sore arm for 36 hours, felt a bit hot the first night, and slept like the dead for 11 hours the second night!
Otherwise, nothing :okay:


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AZ vaccine. - Daytime fine. Around 1am (14 hours after jab) woken up hurting all over and feeling like I had been hit by a bus. Took paracetamol. Awoke at 8am feeling sweaty but otherwise fine. Arm was fine.
AZ vaccine - Mrs B felt rough after 3 hours or so and had to take paracetamol and went to bed for a couple or so hours.
Phizer -Child 2 felt very rough within half an hour of the jab. Took paracetamol and she slept for several hours.
AZ Vaccine - Child 1 lasted almost 24 hours and felt smug she had avoided any symptoms. Then started to hurt all over like she had been in accident. Took paracetamol and slept it off.

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As useful as this thread is, if you are concerned that you have suffered any adverse reaction to any medicine then report it.

For the Covid vaccine the MHRA have set up a special reporting page, it's here....

If you are wondering if you should report, check out the guidance here....

If in doubt, REPORT IT. Give as many details as you possibly can, and don't assume the nurse/dr will do it, as they are not going to be with you for the time after you get home will they? It's over to you all to report these side-effects as you are the only people who know of them quite often.


AZ Vaccine
  • Day 1 - took it at lunchtime - felt tired for the rest of the day.
  • Day 2 - had headache, aching limbs, was cold and tired.
  • Day 3 - was back to about 95%, did a Zwift race and performed well.
  • Day 4 - was back to 100%.
I took paracetamol on days 1 and 2 for the symptoms and it helped. My arm hurt for 4 days, not so much on day 1.
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Had first AZ Friday afternoon, woke up very early Saturday, felt a bit off, at no time did I feel ill, but not a lot of energy, also had a bit of pain in the joints. Was very tired come evening, slept for ten hours, woke up Sunday morning, went out on the MTB did some good trails, felt great, had a few beers, back to normal.
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