Cowboy 3 Dilemma!


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Hi CycleChatters,
I'm considering to buy a Cowboy 3 electric bike. For those who don't know it, it is a bicycle with electric assistance made by Belgian startup Cowboy. The strong suit of the bike is it's smart management of gears, as you have no buttons or cycle modes: the bike decides how much assistance is needed. Although I realize this is heresy for cycling purists. The bike offers strong connectivity with GPS tracking built in, useful in case of theft.

Now, my dilemma:
- the battery is removable, with a key. Once you remove it however, the screws to release the saddle are left vulnerable to theft
- if you leave the battery inside, the screws are protected.

I live in Paris where saddle theft, battery theft, and of course bike theft are a terrible nuisance... Now of course, one would rather have their saddle stollen than a 500 euro battery. But if, as Cowboy salespeople say, the battery is very difficult to dislodge once it is locked in, I'd rather leave everything in when my bike sits in the street.

Any Cowboy 3 users out there? How do they manage battery removal when they leave their bikes sitting outside? Any other advice re-Cowboy 3 or alternatives?

Thank you!
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