Crappy bikes offered as free prizes.

betty swollocks

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My fitness club is offering a one size fits all 'Universal' Mountain Bike to any member who introduces a friend who subsequently signs up for a full year's membership.
It's utter crap: I've seen it. With its brakes full on, I wheeled it round the display area. You couldn't pay me to accept it!
Things that concern me:-
it's unsafe and unreliable
it will give any newcomer to cycling (and let's face it, only a newcomer would accept/choose such a prize) and give them such a terrible experience as to put them off cycling for life
there is no first service or subsequent servicing being offered by the club
this is clearly a scheme dreamed up by a person or people who clearly have no interest in bicycles or cycling. This is remiss at any time, but all the more so when being offered by a fitness club.

i had a rant at the manager about it which got met with an uncomprehending stare. I then tried to make an analogy which he would understand. I tried to liken the bike to a car, but I couldn't think of a make or model horrible enough.


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Print him off a copy of this and get him to read it...
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