CREEP: A WVM's story


very atmospheric jacomus. like the style. makes it seem like a much bigger crime than it actually is;):biggrin:

reminds me of f**ing annoying tw@t ina laguna this morning, pulling out of his drive turning right onto a busy road, i'm driving the same way and since he's already pulled across the other lane, i slow almost to a stop to let him out, and what does he do? yep, he just sits there merrily blocking the lane waiting for his f*cking written invitation. I'm slowed down more now, it's OBVIOUS that the reason i'm slowed is to let him out, and I think 'no, i'll try not flashing because theoretically you shouldn't and see if he gets the message', does he? does he heck.
I'm slowed ALMOST to a stop, and he STILL doesn't pull out, so I stop slowing down and start to accelerate again (but slowly enough to anticipate him making a last minute move) so then as soon as i start to accelerate, THEN he decides to pull out.
WHY? :ohmy:
domtyler said:
What is point?

What is point? Mmm. I suppose it depends on the context of the word point. I think you will need to clarify a little there Dom! ;)


Yes you have too much time! Who knows why they creep, just like the guy I filmed the other day. Poor clutch control perhaps?:smile:

Nice video effect, and although it wasn't my normal type of music I appreciated the track!


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Its reasonably obvious why he's creeping....the volume of traffic he's trying to join (see the almost continuous flash of cars going past as he sits there.)
That said, once he joined, you did as there must have been an acceptable gap for him NOT to need to creep in the first place.

I guess it shows a certain impatience. Have i done it....course i have, and so do most other drivers.

I used to have to join the r/about at the junction of the M11 and Redbridge (The r/about has a name...can't recall it right now)
The volume of traffic on it was never just had to edge forward as far as you dare...and go for it at the best opportunity. If you'd sit there all frikkin day.

Creep.....Sepultura i it
When I did my HGV lessons, I remember waiting at a junction at rush hour with an apparently never ending stream of traffic coming from my right with right of way over me. After sitting there for a few minutes, the instructor said: "if this happens on your test, the examiner will say at some point: "and what would you usually do in this situation?". That's your cue to start edging out into the traffic and using the size and weight of your vehicle to intimidate other vehicles into stopping and letting you out." Sure enough, it happened exactly like that on my test.
It works too. :ohmy:
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