Cube Nuroad Race 2021 vs Canyon Grail 7


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Canyon shipping dates are well into next year!

Cubes: on the three occasions I tried to purchase one they were either out of stock of my size or they were expected soon (and soon never came for me).

Other brands are available. :smile:


West Yorks
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I'm guessing you've got a typo in your location, and it should read Berlin, so I would probably get the Canyon, but it's a long lead time!, it's no use recommending UK dealers, have a look at the above, also check out Planet X & Ribble here in the UK, they may ship to Germany, have a look at the Gravel Cyclist Link for reviews too, as they have had loads of bikes on test, if you like the look of one you can see if it's available in Germany, and their bike packing kit reviews too
One thing that would concern me is the tyre clearance, neither bike mentions what their tyre clearance is. I live in Neidersachsen on the edge of the Lüneberger Heide and like the Berlin area, we have a lot of sandy trails around here. I've settled on 44mm tyres as being the ideal width for getting through these soft sections and I found that there were few bikes available that would give me this option with plenty of spare room for more if I needed it.
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