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CX/bikepacking build for discussion

Discussion in 'Cyclocross (CX), Duathlon and Triathlon' started by baboonst, 14 Sep 2017.

  1. baboonst

    baboonst Regular

    I have come up with such a build for my CX / bikepacking bike, I will use it for some road / off road fun and long distance/ few week touring. I was thinking about going for some MTB but I am more into road bikes. ok so here it goes, any help is welcome and mind that it's is my first attempt to build something

    frame : Cinelli Zydeco
    groupset SRAM Force 1 / CX1 groupset - 42 t crank 11-32 - casette OR 10-42 casette
    brakes: SRAM Force 1 / 22 brakes
    wheels : HUNT 4Season Gravel Disc wheelset
    tyres: Panaracer Gravelking tyres ( 38-584)
    handlebar: FIZIK Cyrano handlebar R3 chameleon
    stem: FIZIK Cyrano stem R1
    seatpost: FIZIK Cyrano seatpost R3

    Thank You !
  2. S-Express

    S-Express Guest

    Zydeco frame is comparatively expensive for what it is - I'd look at something like the Planet X XLA frameset
  3. OP

    baboonst Regular

    This is the only part that I have already bought... ;) got it new for 400 euros - I think it was a great bargain !
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  4. MichaelW2

    MichaelW2 Über Member

    The wheels are spoked 28/28. Given the greater loading on the rear, custom builds can feature more spokes where they are required.
  5. OP

    baboonst Regular

    How about the gearing ? I mean is 1x11 good for climbs and descents ? 42 t front and 42 rear will be enough ? I was thinking of going for 50/34 front and 11-36 rear too - it seems to be more versatile, Am I right ?
  6. Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    Hey, where did you get that? Best I can see is the frameset €499 at Salden.nl or £435 at the circumspect bicyclehero.com