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So, i havent been on here in a while but due To a bit of a change in circumstances i've got lots more spare time. I'm looking for a cycle buddy/club to go out and and ride with.

I ride most nights during the week and at least once over the weekend unless it's raining (yeh yeh, fair-weather rider ;)). During the week I'll ride approx 20 miles at 15-17mph avg, weekends I go a little bit further but am interested in puttin in some longer rides.

I'm based just south of Marlborough and can get to Marlborough, hungerford or tidworth with relatively little hassle. The other option is to use my place as a starting point, I'm not fussed.

Would be good to get out and train with someone else. Gimme a shout on here or a pm if you're interested.

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, couldn't really see anywhere more appropriate.


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I am looking for exactly the same thing... only in Bournemouth / Wimborne ;)

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A fab and brave young lady called Emily started Abingdonfreewheeling for a similar reason and it seems to be working as a network for local cyclists (see link in Sig.). It's not been going long, but it's a nice concept and we're getting a lot of regulars for the various organised rides. The idea is that anybody can organise and lead a ride or hook-up with others to ride with via the facebook and (new) forum. It's an idea that could catch-on.
No members, only the rules of the road, no fees.

Also, call your local cycling club, also contact/join the CTC who have local membership and contacts.
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