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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Ed68, 22 Jun 2008.

  1. Ed68

    Ed68 New Member


    We've got two bikes that are presently stored in our dining room.

    We want to store them in the garage however there is limited space in there with a car, fridge, tools and general other items.

    We're looking at probably fixing them to the wall - maybe with one of these

    Anyone got any opinion on this or any other alternative options - got to be fairly cheap as don't want to spend £200 on a bike lift etc.
  2. Gerry Attrick

    Gerry Attrick Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant

    Storing your bikes in the garage?:?: You should be ashamed of yourself. Keep them tucked up in the bedroom like any sensible cyclist.
  3. Young Un

    Young Un New Member

    the 5 that are at our house are in an even worse place in the shed:blush:

    but one bike gets good treatment, but thats the bmx at my holiday home which is kept in the kitchen:evil:
  4. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

  5. DLB

    DLB Senior Member

    i have my road bike hanging from my shed roof by two cheap hooks which are coated in red plastic. I think the two hooks were 99p from ASDA or tesco or Wilko etc. I have one hooked under the seat and one holding the handlebars. Ideal as my son can store his bike under mine.

    Not sure how high your garage roof is but it could be an option.
  6. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    How about long shelving brackets, covered in pipe lagging - two of our bikes are hung up like that - very secure !
  7. Pedro

    Pedro New Member

    North London
    I am currently having the same problem with my bike stored in the hall - all very annoying for the missus. The two solutions that I have been looking at are the cheapish Cycloc and the not cheapish at all lockable shed thingy. No idea if wither are any good, but my neighbour has one of the sheds are highly recommends it even in the pretty ropey neighbourhood I live in!
  8. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

  9. Maz

    Maz Legendary Member

    You can get those design award-winning plastic tub thingies that fix to the wall...I think I saw them on Wiggle or maybe in the CTC mag. Does anyone know the ones I mean? The top tube slots into these sort of hook things molded into the tub.

    Hope they don't cost a packet - they're just plastic after all.
  10. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    The plastic tubs aren't that cheap....a good big hook will do the trick - just make sure it's screwed into a joist !
  11. janeho

    janeho New Member

    Yorkshire England
    decathlons selection of bike racks.
    We have the one that goes on the floor and you just roll your bike into it. I like it because its easy to just get the bike in and out, but then our garage stores the bikes, canoe, climbing gear, camping stuff...... The car doesn't get a look in!
  12. OP

    Ed68 New Member

    Thanks for the responses guys - plenty to think about there.

    apologies for the late response - I don't want you to think I'd just posted and 'ran' as a fair few people seem to do on websites.

    (Of course if I posted and 'cycled' then all would be ok)
  13. Scoosh

    Scoosh Velocouchiste Moderator

    Hi ed68,
    For different reasons, I'm in a similar situation of needing to store bikes in my ex-garage, now workshop :angry: [besides, most garages are too narrow to put a car in and open the car door to get out - horray for sunshine roofs (rooves?)]

    I need to get the bikes (er .... 5 at present, tho' not all mine :smile:) effectively stored and to keep floor space for the 'workshop' aspect. My research looking at and around LBS and other places, is steering me towards something like this, where the bikes are hung on the wall. 'Cos of the number of bikes, I'm considering the MOTTEZ @ £56.

    There was a good thread on this sometime last year, where the options of hanging from the ceiling, hanging from the wall, hanging on a rack etc were aired.
    Can't find it tho' .....

    Hope it adds to the confusion/helps you to make an informed decision. (sorry-can't do the strikethrough writing!)
  14. OP

    Ed68 New Member

    RANT WARNING: Just getting it off my chest.

    Well, I decided to go with the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Ops mounting as I had
    to get it sorted by the weekend and they could guarantee next day delivery at just £8 extra.

    I figured it would be worth paying the extra as it would cost me that if driving into the city centre and parking up - plus I could put it up on friday night before our visitors arrived on saturday morning.

    I'm so glad I made that decision as I paid them last Thursday and still haven't received it. Apparently they tried to deliver on friday but left one of those 'invisible' cards saying the attempted to deliver it.

    I waited in until after 6 on Friday, missed my cycle on Saturday morning as wanted to see if it turned up and eventually had to spend three hourse finding and mounting an alternative.

    Apparently I cannot get refunded until the Edinburgh Co-op see the item returned!

    I don't want to slag off EBC too much yet as this is my only dealing with them and whilst they are fully responsible (they appointed the sh!te courier) thought that they may have made some kind of gesture to apologise for the 'cock up' but no, it appears they won't be
    doing that - still searching for a decent supplier.........................
  15. OP

    Ed68 New Member

    OK, now I'm ready to slag them off.

    In summary - I rang EBC on Thursday to ensure the rack would be delivered on Friday as if it wouldn't then I'd go elsewhere on Friday.

    It didn't get delivered, which is their responsibility however I can understand they were let down by the courier.

    I also accepted that they couldn't refund me on Friday as there was a possibility that it would be delivered another day and they could be out of pocket (i.e. I had the item and my refund).

    On Monday the couriers informed that the item was still not delivered and would be returned to them. Apparently, EBC couldn't refund me until they received it on Tuesday (the next day). I was not happy but accepted this as I couldn't be bothered arguing.

    Today they took my card details in the morning to refund but rang me late on to say that as it hadn't been returned to them then they couldn't refund the payment.

    Let's just say I wasn't too keen on this and they have assurred me that the payment is on it's way to my bank.

    No apologies etc - no future business!
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