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I was right about that saddle
Where is the cyclechat shop - I need a t-shirt, jersey, bib-tights etc :training:

Glow worm

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Near Newmarket
Just saw this old picture (five years old) and thought we could have a go (someone? :whistle:) at getting some made up.

I had this done when I was in Adelaide at the Tour Down Under (yeah, I know the beach is at Bondi, Sydney).

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That's clearly Margate- you're not fooling anyone just photoshopping the sky colour ^_^


middle of nowhere in France
very nice !!! background isn't bad either:hyper:


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I do. It's in a box! ;)

Used to. Had a mullet in the 80s. And an occasional goatie, but not at the same time.
You'll be telling us next that you don't drink, or even like, White Russians.
And that really will be the killer blow!
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