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Hi. I only recently started cycling at a very advanced age; about 12 months now. I've been using the Cyclemeter App on an iPhone and recently changed to Android. I'm very reluctant to lose my history. I've managed to export the files from Cyclemeter but simply can't work out how to import the data on my new phone. Any help would be gratefully received :smile: Thanks!!


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Sorry, I don't know anything about that app, but anyway ...

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OK, I hope this is of some use ...

I read about Cyclemeter and learned that "Rather than depending on a cloud-based service to do most of the data storage and analysis, as most apps do, Cyclemeter gives you everything you need right on your smartphone." This is useful to know.

I then had a look at this link and did a little experiment.

I installed cyclemeter on my phone (Android ) and emailed a copy of a gpx file of one of my rides to myself (from my PC). On my Android phone I opened the email, clicked on the attachment (the gpx file), chose to open it, and eventually got to a menu asking me what app I wanted to use. I chose cyclemeter and the ride installed in Cyclemeter OK.

SO ... one way of doing it would be to email the gpx files of all your rides to yourself one at a time, and open them on the phone, choose to open them in Cyclemeter and job done.

However that sounds to me like it could be a terrible faff if you have lots of rides. So hopefully someone on here will be along to say that there's an easier way. Or you could contact their customer support

Hope that helps.
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Open android app and export the empty history (or create a dummy ride as above) to create some exportable history. Then see what the exported file is called, search for it with the android files app to find the folder it lives in, drop actual history iPhone version into that folder and allow to overwrite empty version. Should work.
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