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You might find this i-lluminating (even if a bit out of date)


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I use cyclemeter and find it quite competent. My only complaint is that it will often report GPS errors after your ride.


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I use cyclemeter but find it's calorie counter has a mind of it's own, I have map my ride and motion x too, map my ride is good but cyclemeter puts your rides into graphs for you to easily compare performance which is nice!

Used Cyclemeter for first time today and so far have nothing but praise. It worked fine for me right from the off.
What pleased me most was that after clicking Start I put the phone away and didn't look again til I got home then, voila, all the stats you could shake a stat-stick at. And an option to email the results, which is above and beyond but nice to look at ona bigger screen.

Only thing that's niggling me is: Do I need to mount the phone somewhere visible?
iphone battery

lazyfatgit said:
find that the iphone battery isnt really up to the task on longer rides
hmmm... a pedal-to-iphone charger?
Surely someone's already...

Yep - they have


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I use Sportypal on my Android - guess it's quite likely there's an iPhone version.

I like the fact it utilises the text-to-speech tech available and regularly announces when I've passed milestones "yer hev done 10 mahhs" and so on.
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