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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a cycling club local to London where i can meet new people and start to cycle in bigger groups.

Is there any ones in and around London that are open to new members. I'm definitly a beginner so a group that can suits newbies.



You'll find a list of cycling clubs on one of these organizations:

Clubs - British Cycling
Cycling Time Trials: Find Clubs
Find Your Local Cycling Group | Cycling UK

Are you north/south/east or west london?


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Right now you'll find that most, if not all, clubs have suspended their activities.

Which part of London? What's local to one part could be 2 hours ride from another part.


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If you're in S London I can recommend BigfootCC | Bigfoot Cycle Club – Bromley . I rode with them for a while and they were nice people with a wide range of different levels of ride. The fastest riders were very fast - people interested in racing, down to very pootle-oriented riding in the slower levels that I rode with. I left because I ended up doing my own thing more often than not, but that's not a criticism of them.
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