Cycling in snow


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Feels like rocks being thrown in your eyes too sometimes :sad:


makes me very nervous...most snow in the UK never stays white for very long, it's soon all grey and slushy and mixed in with ice. In my opinion it's best avoided unless you have tyres with spikes!

jonny jeez

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For some reason...i really enjoy driving in snow. The thicker the better, everything feels quiet and smooth and the falling snow whooshes over your windscreen without touching it.

One of those moments that I just like...untill I skid into the only ever happened My range rover of all cars!


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Myth has it that Canadian Innuit have almost a 100 words for snow most of them connected to an adjective beginning with the letter 'F'.


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Did it when i lived up in Cumbria many moons ago... lots of fun. Chickened out last Wednesday but it more frozen hail than snow, and i didn't have knobbly tyres on so got the bus to work instead. Fortunately, i live in a part of the country that seldom gets snow.
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