cycling paradise.


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North Wales
Just got back from spending a week in Annecy and its area. What a fantastic place for cycling! You can go round the lake which is 14 kms long and fairly flat , you can also tackle some more serious climbs like " Le Revard" about 17kms of relentless climbing at average of 7% . Did it in the car with a fantastic view from the top. It was 20degrees at the bottom and only 9 at the top. Met a couple of riders at the top and asked them how long it took them to ride it: " 2 hours " they said " as it was cold. We do it regularly but faster usually." I think it would have taken me a lot longer with many stops in between!
I saw all kinds of cyclists round the lake, old, middle age, young with all types of bikes. I only wished I could have joined them. To compensate, I bought myself a jersey which I will wear with proud as it has the blue white and red on it.
Cyclists are also respected by motorists there. When a cyclist was holding back a car on narrow roads, no one beeped out of anger but just followed until safe to overtake.
Like I said, cycling paradise.


Is it because I lied when I was 17?
Costa Clyde.
You can go round the lake which is 14 kms long and fairly flat .
Most lakes are fairly flat! ;)
I'm just back from a week staying in Amiens, and took my Tricross. Some great cycling around there too with rolling hills, or the flat path alongside the Somme.
Annecy is stunning; I was there a few years ago but it was on the motorbike while riding from Zeebrugge to Cannes. I hired a cycle at Annecy for a wee ride around the lake.
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