Cycling quotes?

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Come on we all know some surley? Even if they are a bit far fetched.

I heard this one the other day told by one of my relations, it made me smile. Was after the Tour de France, when they were talking abotu the drugs issue.

'You can always tell a clean rider. He is the one at the back!'

And this one from one of Tom Simpson's old training mates after his death on the 13th stage when they were all blaming the drugs totally on it. he was asked about how he felt about the drugs found on Simpson. and he replied something along the lines of.

'Well, what do you think those riders get round on ... spring water?'


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I'm wearing my free t-shirt from C+ which says:-

"Never use your face as a brake pad."

Sound advice no?

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Here's one I prepared earlier......



"One thing that cycling has taught me is that if you can achieve something without a struggle it's not going to be satisfying.”
Greg Lemond

"I'll have a ful cooked breakfast, please. I'll struggle through it just so it is more satisfying."

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Tony Butler: "On yer bike!"


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Properly one of the famous quotes if you know about Simpson, after falling off his bike once.

'Put me back on my bike.'


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'Put me back on my bike.' was the invention of Sid Saltmarsh, a journalist covering the Tour for "Cycling" and "The Sun" and not present at Simpson's death.
The mineral water quote - 'Only a fool would imagine it was possible to ride Bordeaux-Paris on just water.' Jacques Anquetil - in a televised debate on French TV
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