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Hello all,

I've now been on three cycle tours in the UK, and now I'm doing my first one with others where I've been the one whose planned most of it. Campsites/wild camping spots are sorted, and I've got a rough guide with routes in a word document. Anyone know of a cycling tour template I can fill out for each day? I just want something a bit more professional looking I can hand out to everyone. I'm thinking link to route, distance per day, points of interest, food stop, that sort of thing. For those interested we'll be going from just south east of Glasgow to Inverness over a week. Thanks :smile:

Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog
I have gear lists on ‘numbers’ if that’s useful.

Also: Cue sheets on RWGPS (which you can edit and add POIs) and will look good.
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