Cycling UK or Cycling England?

I have not got round to doing anything about my CTC membership or rather what used to be CTC and have got a renewal demand for £48.
Not going to break the bank if I am too lazy to do anything about it but I notice in the incident line section it promises
" No success fee charge". In the small print however this does not apply to Scotland, Northern Ireland or Abroad.
Why not just say England only and change the name to suit ie Cycling England?


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What about Wales?

Maybe their retained lawyers don't have the relevant experience/qualifications to fight cases in Scotland. Northern Ireland or abroad and therefore have to outsource?


Wales is not mentioned so assumed to be part of England.
Anyway anything outside London does not really count so the whole thing just displays a typical London centric view of the world.:rolleyes:


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If you check out the website it's a bit contradictory. It sounds like your renewal notice is more explicitly worded than the website, which says:

Slater and Gordon offer a free unique package of services, including:
  • Access to expert lawyers who specialise in cycling accidents
  • Coverage across England, Scotland and Wales
  • [...]
^ Except in circumstances of accidents which occur in Scotland, Northern Ireland or abroad, criminal incidents and accidents involving untraceable drivers.

Sooo ... Scotland except Scotland. Righto. :wacko:

Perhaps Scotland was a recent exclusion and they failed to fully adjust the website copy to reflect this.

I get the general vibe that since rebranding they have become a bigger bunch of tossers than before. No specific evidence for that, just a feeling.


Yes it is, see above.
Not very good copy but readable.


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From the picture above and the CUK link, Wales is mentioned implicitly by virtue of being part of the UK. It is not mentioned as being excepted from the "No success fee charge". This doesn't mean or suggest that Wales is part of England but does (imho) suggest that there are differences with legal and/or compensation matters between Scotland, Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

I do find it absurd and ironic that someone can assume and call Wales part of England and then go on to dismiss others (presumably CUK/CTC) as displaying "a typical London centric view of the world".


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Bizarrely, NI comes under Cycling Ireland with regard to licensing and competition etc. You can join UKC if you want but it's not the ruling body here. I.e. its a whole island thing.
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