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CW, in its wisdom, dropped Mr Bell as a columnist.

I do believe he may be writing a book. Whatever he's doing, I wish him well.


Magazines need change to remain fresh and current. I have nothing against Tony but I did not really enjoy his articles. Bit boring, bit stale.

Aint Skeered

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I was a big fan of Tony's page, especially Bobby Clamp.
He frequents the veloriders forum, and can also be found at
Cycling Weekly is not the same now, to PC for my liking, and I find Hutchinsons page, as funny as a punch in the mouth


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Tony used to turn up on the old C+ forum at times. he didn't make the change to this place.


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Dr Hutch is the single best thing in that magazine.

It was quite a revelation coming across him in such a dry read.


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Dr. H has a wickedly dry sense of humour. He's a nice guy in real life.

Mr Bell is also a nice guy.

I like both columns - they're different to each other, but I like both. Mind you, I rarely buy The Comic these days. I have rarely bought it since Mr B was dropped.


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I like CW...i find it covers most areas adequately, which is all i want. I dont follow team news, individuals, teams etc etc. I get a snapshot with CW...good enough for me.

Dr Hutch...took a while to get used to his page, but i do like it.... Its grown on me.
TB...well, theres only one ;)


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I bought it last week for the first time since July - mainly 'cos it had a bit about 'cross for once - and mostly because it had an interview from young Adam Tranter with Jess Varnish.

Usually just flick through it in Asda. It used to be good years ago, but now it's the same dubious 'fitness' info and loads of stuff on Sportives - less and less racing coverage.

Marvellous how they are campaigning for more cycling in schools but didn't bother covering either of the youth C, D, and E races at the 'cross Nationals at all.
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