Cycling when fumingly angry

Can help remove the anger..... Can also cause it!


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Bourne End, UK
I find it a good way of cooling down, as long as the scenery is good and the odd idiot in a car doesn't take the opportunity to make it worse!


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South Beds.
Exercise in general for me is a stress is cycling to me.
I rarely get stressed at all thesedays thanks to leaving one of my previous jobs.
Now all I want to do is move to Canada and live happily ever after. :biggrin:


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I know a guy in Canada...he just bought a hugh place (by UK standards) with lot's of land...he needs a tractor to cut the grass and can walk across his land from one side to the next in about 2 days I think...anyway it's covered in snow and has lot's of wildlife and a lake...he has just built a recording studio out in the log cabin & the property cost less than my humble abode here in sowf essex


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Very good for anger management I think, whatever level of stressed or angry I think. I think the mood chooses the route too, perhaps you'll have a bit of luck and traffic will be quiet and the sun will come out and when you get back an hour of so later it'll feel a completely different world.


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Colne, Lancs
Furious cycling is a criminal offence...


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I love cycling when Im really angry, it seems like i just want to pump the pedals that little bit harder...right now im ragingly angry so ill save it up till tomorrow morning!


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Get angry, go for a blast on the bike and come back refreshed - used to work for me when I did get angry. Mrs Hippo taught me two important things 'Jai yen yen' which means 'Keep a cool heart'. The second one, important with your spouse/partner is "If you blow hot, I will blow cold. If I blow hot, you will blow cold." It makes perfect sense - two people blowing hot, the fire continues, one blowing cold and the fire goes out. Easy to say but at times difficult to do. by refusing to argue, it could inflame the situation!


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Exercise can be a good way to de-stress, but avoid doing it too often, or you may find that you associate exercise with anger, and thus get angry every time you cycle, which would rather defeat the object! :biggrin:
BTW: Mrs Hippo sounds very level-headed. Could we please have a regular (perhaps weekly) "Sayings of Mrs Hippo" thread, to keep us all on the straight and narrow? :biggrin:
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