Cyclist died yesterday in Cheltenham


They are building a new trade park on the edge of the main Tewkesbury road roundabout, and re surfacing and widening all the approaches to it.

I came through the Kingsditch area yesterday afternoon, and it was totally gridlocked, this extended right across the town. Anyway thinking that it was because of the resurfacing work, I made my way through.

Anyway,I found out it was because a cyclist went under the wheels of a contractors lorry on the roundabout mid afternoon.

RIP :ohmy:

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Sad news. :rolleyes:


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Very sad news indeed.

Would be interesting if anyone could post here when some facts emerge.

The posted comments on the Echo site are interesting. There's a volume of posts from ordinary motorists saying how they've found the roadworks dangerous, badly managed and that they're not surprised that an accident has happened. My view too - I go past once or twice a week. There's also a post from some professional telling us we're all wrong and don't understand. When we know the facts surrounding the incident then we can judge whether the roadworks were a contributory factor. It won't change the view we all seem to have that they're a shambles.


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I urge all cyclists to give large vehicles as wide a berth as possible at all times even if it causes a small delay to your journey, it's better than ending up like this feller.


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very sad. Another death on the roads. Someone special to a family out there.Certainly makes you realise how easily your life can be taken from you.Only hope it was quick and they didn't suffer. RIP.
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