Cyclist Down - Sheffield

On Infirmary Road near Shalesmoor, Sheffield. Was sat up and insisted he was OK...arrived on the scene just too late by the looks of it for any camera footage to be of use

Looked like possibly a SMIDSY pull out by a minibus..didn't hang about for more than a moment as it was instantly obvious that the driver was being helpful and saw no point being the start of a gawping crowd (and the minibus depot was just across the road) but could be wrong in my assumption as there is the added menace of the supertram tracks at that point...


Fat bloke on a bike
Could have been the tram tracks, they are a nightmare. The slot in them is just the right size to take in a narrow road tyre. I hate crossing them myself.


Hope all is well...

I give the tram tracks a large degree of respect. (I realise they're nowt to do with this particular incident.)
I hope things are all right and it wasn't just the Adrenalin kicking in when they said they were all right.

Edinburgh has half got tram tracks (we're still waiting for the other half) and I take care with them, but to do so sometimes means you've got to take a less than ideal line through traffic; I hope that wasn't the case.


Resting in suspended Animation
Another one down in Greenhill, seemed to be all right, police were in attendance. I hope both were all right in the end.
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