Cyclist murdered by driver?

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Not the hapless French cyclist who seems to have witnessed whatever happened to the English family taken out in France. A cyclist was killed in Luton a few days ago - I don't see anything about it on here. First things first, this is a horrible tragedy and condolences go to the victim's family and friends. Peace and healing to all.

Apart from being another depressing fatality, what is notable about this case is that all the reporting talks in terms of the police launching a murder investigation. I don't recall seeing this language used so openly where the "safer" charge would be causing death by dangerous driving. A close family friend was killed on his bike in June. The papers said "man arrested..." with the death by dangerous driving clearly being the charge. Many of us have probably had experiences which make it perfectly clear that a vehicle is a weapon. It would be good if we had a case which percolated into public consciousness reinforcing that view. It might just make drivers think twice before making a punishment pass or similar.

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I did see this. The word "murder" makes it sound like he deliberately killed him but I'm not sure why they're charging him with murder and not death by dangerous driving.
There is most probably something significantly different about this case than to others that might at first glance appear similar. There may be a history of conflict that the police are already aware of, or there could be some involvement from a third party - the driver may not be who the police would seek to charge with murder. Very little information is being released about this death and we can't make many comparisons at all.


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There was a case in Liverpool within the last year or so when a pedestrian was run over and killed. Originally it was reported as a hit and run, but it later transpired the driver knew the victim and it was a deliberate attack, so he was charged with murder. There was some talk at the time of this becoming the new favourite method for gangs to kill each other, not least because there's a good chance that even if you're caught you'll get a lesser charge if they can't prove intent.
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