Cyclist taken out


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and so it goes again...even the victims seem to join in
"Mike, from Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, is now calling for laws to be introduced to force cyclists to wear helmets and head cameras."


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Hmmmmm looks like it had already pulled out to me . Personally I would have gone behind the car as reading the road its very clear what the car is about to do . I would have also let the car earlier in the clip pull out as the road was clear .
Tony Cano

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Yes I seen that too!
I have just bought one for myself, but I have bought it for the intention of reviewing the views along the routes of my rides.
I just felt that the rider in this clip should have been paying more attention whist cycling. It may have saved him a few broken bones!


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Slowing down may have helped him as well as reading the road ahead. The driver was not very smart but it takes 2 to tango.

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If that'd been me i'd have been riding 5 mph slower through a built up area in case someone pulled out. It looks like he had time to avoid it though, Surely it's not an angry cyclist with headcam looking for an incident stunt that went wrong?

Phil Fouracre

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Hate to be unsympathetic, but! strikes me as one of these 'out of my way, I'm coming through' types. No anticipation whatsoever. Just imagine him in a car! He'd be the worst type of driver, who would be slated on here. Think Accy might have a point.


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It's hard to say why he didn't appear to react to the encroaching car sooner, the camera doesn't show necessarily where his eyes are looking for the last 5 seconds before impact. Prior to that he certainly seems more interested in what's happening either side of him rather than ahead.

Still the driver's fault though.

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