Cyclist who raises a big Smile....


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On my morning and evening commutes on the main drag between Blackheath and Dudley, I often see coming in the other direction a guy, I think on a hybrid, always wears a full flourescent jacket ( he must run very cool in this weather), who, without fail gives you am massive ebullient one arm raised wave and a big broad smile, and, even in the foul weather, never fails to raise a smile with his enthusiasm and joi de vivre.
Beats the hell out of the oh so serious lycra warriors!
So, sir, if you're reading this, thanks for making the commute a litlle brighter even when coditions are less than cordial ! :blush:
No harm in acknowledging others. Smiling doesn't cost, either.


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Dont get many cyclists round here, but when I spot them its either a nod, hello, or wave. Makes the ride much more pleasant.


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I always say hello or smile at other cyclists when i am cycling, I think its a really nice thing to do. That sort of thing is lost when your in a car


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It's funny you know, when I'm riding my MTB on a cycle path most people are friendly and reply in like when I smile but when I'm out on my road bike a lot of people that I pass put their heads down. I think that some people feel intimidated by roadies or possibly assume that all roadies are elitist snobs.
The problem, IMO is that some roadies are training and are too focussed on what they are doing to acknowledge other cyclists but some do look down their noses at leisure cyclists who are out for a casual ride. That may sound contentious but I receive far more acknowledgement from roadies when I am on my road bike then when I am on my MTB.

jonny jeez

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I find, with the sheer volume of riders in London, that we all just kind of get on with it.

but out in the sticks its a differnet story with lots of "nods" etc.

And as Mark says, off road, its rude NOT to say hello, if not stop for a chat at the next gate/stop


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Jaguar said:
I do too, but rarely get a response, esp. from the lycra lot.
Ditto. The "hardcore roadies" rarely respond and just look at me as if I have 2 heads, which funilly enough....


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If I head out into Kent, everyone is really friendly. It's all "Good morning" and smiles. On the route into work in London, I rarely even rate a nod of the head from people. And I'm one of the lycra clad roadies!!!;)

mark i

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I have to find it is quite strange. I cycle 15 miles so wear lycra, it is more comfortable. I usually see the same suspects most mornings and we always exchange a cheery hello. In the evening I see different people, and to be honest some of the lycra warriers return the hello, some don't. In the winter a couple gave an "ICE!" warning. I also find the same with the "fully clothed" commuters. At the end of the day we are all cycling, so are all cyclists.
There was one other commuter I saw a few times during the worst of the winter weather when few others were about. He always smiled with a fairly manic grin when he saw me, it brightened up the morning!
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