Cyclists blocked from Bolton Abbey estate.


Flouncing Nobber
Could they use reasonable force to assist a trespasser to the nearest exit? And/or sue for consequential losses?
Some problems there...

1. Not a pedestrian from a permissive right of access. The granted right of access makes no actual mention of that which they are pushing or carrying.

2. Theres quite a formal process to adhere to in order to avoid accustaions of assault. Ask them to leave, give them reasonable time to comply (at least a minute), ask again, and again, explain that if they don't leave reasonable force may which time they will have left anyway.

3. What consequential losses?

4. What they going to do if someone my size politely decline their kind offer anyway?

5. They don't have any legal power do dictate the direction in which someone leaves. It just so happens I will be leaving, that a way, and if you don't like it jog on,
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