Cylist killed, 5 Jan, Tingley near Leeds


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
This is near my commute to work/home:

Knocked down 5 Jan by a car travelling in same direction, dies 12 Jan. Police are looking for witnesses.

Named as Darren Schofield:


It's likely I'll have seen him/waved/spoken at a minimum as I recognise the bike description and there's not many riders at this time of year.
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London, UK
Shakes head.
Sometimes I fear for humanity.

Berk on a Bike

Although there's no mention that the junction itself was the location, I'd be quite apprehensive of cycling around (or indeed through) Tingley roundabout.
My thoughts are with the victim's family. I hope the five-o catch the culprit.


West Yorks
Very near to me condolences to his family, that roundabout is terrifying on a weekday, it has a mind boggling amount of direction signs and traffic lights, I've lost count of the times I've been cut up when in the car, it's a paragon of bad design, very busy and too fast traffic rushing to and from M62 and the White Rose shopping Centre.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
@Berk on a Bike @DRM - it happened near the Village hotel, between Morley and the Village hotel junction. Looks like he was hit from behind.

I use the roundabout quite a lot on the bike; you've definately got to keep your wits about you. Using the bike/pedestrian section seems worse.

At the moment I've been avoiding the roundabout on my commute for the past couple of months and taking a slightly slower route into/out of Leeds which has a lot less traffic but feels safer than using Tingley roundabout and the ring road down towards the White Rose Centre.
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