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I used to keep my bike in the kitchen due to not having a secure shed outside.

We then got a dog and it took over my bike space.

Now it lives under the stairs (the bike - the dog is still in the kitchen). The length from side to side of under the stairs is shorter than the length of the bike. Thus, the bike sits on the back wheel with the front wheel halfway up the wall.

Is this detrimental to the bike in any way?


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No, I store my MTB and my new road bike in almost the exact same way and have done for years


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Mine just hang off of the wall by a single hook through the front wall. You can see what I mean as there is a picture in the shed topic.

My thought is that if it can take my weight bouncing over pot holes, then it can certainly support its own weight. Never had a problem after a lot of years doing it this way.


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Well I'm fed up with the lack of space and being nagged by others (even though I live alone). I need to get the room redecorated this year finally too! Not like I can ride any at the moment :sad:


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We have roadies on the bike hooks in the bedroom and CXs on the bike rack in the spare room. 4 dogs running loose in the house too. We do have a shed but it needs renovation so there is no way that we are putting the bikes in anything like that.
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