Damaged bike. Advices please.


Good morning you all!
My Norco Search A Tiagra 2019 rests in my garden shed for 3 months after a car accident. I've got myself a new bike and I'm not sure what to do with the old damaged one... I was thinking about replacing the damaged fork and the buckled front wheel and use it as a gravel bike for leisure. But no LBS around my area would give me a quote as some of them said the fork is not replaceable and others said that I need to bring it over so they can assess it (not an option as I literally didn't have time and money to carry it around the city). Now I'm thinking of selling it as it is - no hassle.
Any thoughts on what is the best option for my Norco?




To replace a fork you need the correct steerer tube Diameter. The rest of the fork looks fairly standard so replacement should be easy. Forks can differ in the offset of the dropout from the steerer axis, which affects the responsiveness of steering but i have changed this with acceptable handling.

There may be damage to the frame which is why LBS needs to inspect before quoting.


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To be honest I would strip it for parts and build up on a Planet X bike frame set. It’s what I did with my crash damaged Norco Threshold and apart from the chainset (seized on) and some calliper mount adaptors everything was a straight swap over.


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I should use the bits to build another bike as suggested above. You could sell the frame minus fork but check for damage. Can’t tell how bad the buckle is but it might come out with a bit of tweaking otherwise lace on a new rim.


Is the fork Tapered 1.1/8" - 1.1/4" or Tapered , 1.1/8" - 1.5"

Plus the offset

You need to find out. Forks vary in cost, so it may not be viable.

If you can find a cheap full frame set with same wheel mounts it could be cheaper. Else strip and sell


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You should be able to get a replacement fork directly from Norco. If not, look up the specs for your bike model to get the head tube diameter, and then you can find a matching fork on our site (cycleshackusa.com). Good luck.


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Take the fork off and take it to a bike shop, they will be able to source a replacement if they can compare it to the original.


If you’re confident go for the fork swap or whole frame swap though that is more tricky. If not move it on via eBay. In condition be sure to mention the damage and your responsibility for the safety of the frame rests with the buyer. If you can, break it into parts to eBay would be more lucrative.
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