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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by compo, 9 Aug 2012.

  1. compo

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    This morning I was cycling on a fairly narrow road, one lane each way. A car was parked half on the pavement and half on the road on my side. A car was coming the other way towards me and I heard a vehicle behind me slow down as I signalled to pull out to pass the parked car. The approaching car I were destined to meet adjacent to the parked car, and just as I pulled out to go past the idiot behind me decided to accelerate past me. In line abreast was half a parked car, me, a taxi and the car coming the other way. The taxi was so close I am sure I had no more than an inch or so clearance. Normally I just let such such incidents go and forget about them, but I know the firm this driver works for. My wife's daughter is married to a director of the firm so a word in the right ear might hopefully be fruitful.
  2. Andrew_Culture

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    Taxi drivers have a responsibility to carry their passengers in a safe manner. A taxi driver stopped and tried to start a fight with a very ill looking friend of mine in the middle of the busy junction outside the Manor Ballroom in Ipswich once (he thought my mate had lobbed a beer mat at his car, which he hadn't, my wife had). My dad used to have a nodding familiarity with a local taxi licencer and told me any road incident involving a taxi needs to be reported as (in his words) 'Taxi drivers are responsible for carting vulnerable people all over the shop, so they need to be calm, well natured folk'.
  3. OP

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    I think my step-son-in-law will be more effective than the Cab Office.

    What tickles me is that it was only a short while ago that I posted somewhere on here that as nothing interesting ever happens that I have stopped using my camera on the bike. Sod's law :angry:
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