Damn You Spokes On Back Wheel!!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by andylaw79, 27 Jul 2012.

  1. andylaw79

    andylaw79 Über Member

    That's two gone in as many weeks. Now currently riding a 32 hole rim with 30 spokes.

    I've had three in total go on the rear wheel since I bought the bike (Boardman Hybrid Comp) in March. The first one went about a month ago so I had the bike into the LBS for a new spoke and wheel true, plus a quick service.

    It seems an excessive amount of broken spokes considering I've only had the bike 4 months and have never had this problem with any previous bikes.

    Should I put this down to the fact the stock rims (Alex DP17) and spokes are shoot and expect this to keep happening until eventually all the spokes have been replaced or do I have a case to get the problem fixed for free by my LBS considering they only carried out a repair on the wheel a month ago?
  2. Kiwiavenger

    Kiwiavenger im a little tea pot

    im only running my alex rims (s480 i believe) untill i get more than 3 broken spokes, then its new wheel time!!!

    ive only ever had problems with the rear wheels and on my latest there is some play in the free wheel area (cant quite narrow it down to exactly what) but the alex rims do also appear to be made of cheese!

    regarding the "free repair" by the LBS, i tried it but unless it breaks as your wheeling it out the shop i doubt any would give you the time of day for a repair
  3. Nearly there

    Nearly there Über Member

    I had this problem with the stock wheels(32h) that came with my cannondale so I contacted the shop where I got the bike who in turn contacted cannondale who replaced my wheels with shimano r501 and at 20 spokes less have been brilliant so far.
  4. Pauluk

    Pauluk Senior Member

    If your bikes not that old get them to fix it properly and get them to check the spoke tensions.
  5. Scilly Suffolk

    Scilly Suffolk Über Member

    The spokes aren't tensioned correctly: a common problem with factory wheels. Regardless of the quality of the components, a wheel that doesn't last four months isn't fit for the purpose for which it was sold.

    Take it back to Halfords and ask them to sort it out. They have a year's warranty don't they (don't mention that another shop has had their hands on it)?

    The workmanship of the other shop doesn't sound too impressive: they obviously didn't tension the other spokes when you took it in for repairs, which a new wheel with snapping spokes obviously needs.
  6. Sittingduck

    Sittingduck Guru

    If one goes and you continue to ride it - another will often follow, even after you have replaced #1.

    I would get straight off the bike as soon as you hear that tell-tale ping and notice the brake pad rubbing against the rear rim! If you have to ride home then consider retensioning the entire wheel, when you replace the spoke. Likewise, if you have had a couple break, retension from scratch instead of just replacing.
  7. cyberknight

    cyberknight As long as I breathe, I attack.

    Land of confusion
    machine built wheels can have uneven tension which can lead to the wheel being out of true and even spokes breaking , rather than buy a new wheel i would get your LBS to retrue the wheel from the start, loosening all the spokes and stating again to get a properly balanced wheel .If this does not work then start looking at a new wheel.
  8. OP

    andylaw79 Über Member

    Just got the wheel back from the lbs, fixed for free. See how it goes.
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