Dawes Galaxy estimated ~1972 for sale


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Looking for a fair price

for my Dawes road bike. In good rideable condition, new crank and cassette fitted a couple of years ago but done probably 50 miles max since then.

Is definitely early-mid 1970's but most likely 1972. Great bike and very lightweight for the time. With inflation taken into account was about £3,500 new!

Beautiful bike and still a pleasure to ride. Have included photos to try and show the worst of the decals and paintwork in an effort to be fair here but I think the bike looks in fantastic condition for its age. A few marks and scratches in paintwork as you can see but not a rust heap.



It has under bb cable guides and pressed steel dropouts with no mech hanger. Are you sure it’s a 1972 Galaxy ?


Op bike has later under bb guides, the bike above has the more usual over bb guides and stops typical of the 70's
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