1. TTSS

    Sold. 18.5" Dawes Galaxy Reynolds 531 ST - 7 Speed Triple Touring Bike

    The last of the stable to be sold ! :hello: Dawes Galaxy Touring Bike. Reynolds 531 ST (Select Tourist) tubes and 531 forks. Frame Measurements are: Seat Tube = 18.5". C2C. Top Tube = 21". C2C. Head Tube = 4". Upgraded wheels from Spa Cycles. Rigida Sputnik 32h rims. Sapim DB spokes...
  2. Chromatic

    RIP John Dawes

    Just seen John Dawes has died. He was involved in that Barbarians try.
  3. Steeler

    Dawes Galaxy rebuild

    So I'm having another go at building up my Galaxy frame having not been happy with the previous two attempts, firstly with (mostly) Shimano LX 3x9 speed gearing on flat bars then with Tiagra 2x10 speed compact on drop bars. Now that I've retired (and in the current lockdown situation) I'm...
  4. GuyBoden

    Info: 1977 Dawes Galaxy Seatpost Dia is 26.3mm

    For information purposes only, the seatpost diameter on a 1977 Dawes Galaxy is 26.3mm. I have ordered a new seatpost, the diameter was stamped on the side of the old seatpost, which was very convenient. These models of 1977 Dawes Galaxy have the same frame, so the same seatpost dia 26.3mm.
  5. Harril

    Vintage Dawes?

    Hi All, I would really appreciate some assistance with trying to identify the Range this particular model is from. There are a few clues on the frame, but research is proving to be tricky and is not leading to any conclusive results, so far. The only thing Its previous owner could tell me about...
  6. Illaveago

    Dawes Red Feather Find.

    The discovery of an early Dawes Red Feather came by just sheer chance whilst out on a ride with a friend. The sight of a discarded table lamp drew my attention as we approached an area which is regularly used for dumping rubbish. I jokingly said to my friend that it might be valuable and went...
  7. C

    Dawes 531 Lady Galaxy (half mixte) frame

    Well it's time to decide what to do with this frame set. It's got headset/forks and bb. My plan was to restore for my daughter but she took a shine to a Claud Butler of similar spec and decided that would be better for her needs. (leaving locked up outside work in all weather's) So if anyone...
  8. GuyBoden

    Enjoying my old Dawes Galaxy 1977

    I bought this 1977 Dawes Galaxy a few years ago, overhauled and refurbished it with some modern parts, including 700c wheels, chainset etc. I've put some bigger 35c Vittoria Randoneur tyres on it over winter, which are very comfy and fill the 27inch wheel gap nicely. This is a very comfy frame...
  9. H

    Wanted: Dawes Galaxy or Horizon

    Hi all. If anyone has a Dawes Galaxy or Horizon for sale please get in touch. Ideally 22-23" frame size, but not the 23.5" as too big for me. Ideally 90s or 00s era. Would also consider buying just the frame. Many thanks
  10. W

    Dawes Courier

    Hi all, Picked up a Dawes before Christmas and have been trying to improve it since, it's a Courier which I believe is from 1951. Pretty original, it even had the whitewall tyres which had seen better days! Frame number is LS6697. Reynolds 531 frame with 3-speed S/A gears. Williams chainset, GB...
  11. Hebe

    Dawes Cambridge Mixte - errand bike

    I keep looking at my errand bike and thinking about how much it could be improved with grippier pedals and tyres and how all the plastic clashes with the steel frame ( which I love). And how much I dislike the fake rattan basket on the front, though I am not sure what I would replace it with (...
  12. GazK

    Dawes Kingpin folder frame & forks, rack, kickstand

    Breaking a project that didn’t quite work out. Can post items at cost, or – once covid restrictions lift – can potentially drop off at meet up point in Bristol or West London. Kickstand, good condition: £5 Rack: Pletcher aluminium, for 20" wheel bike, good condition, £15 Dawes Kingpin folder...
  13. GuyBoden

    Dawes Badge dating

    From: https://dawescycles.wordpress.com/portfolio/head-badge-timeline/ Do you think this is correct? 1975-1981: 3rd Model 1982-2000s: 4th Model More Dawes dating info here: https://dawescycles.wordpress.com/date/ 1978 Catalogue...
  14. Archie_tect

    Dawes Fleur 5-speed

    Just cleaned my wife's old light metallic green Dawes Fleur racing bike, a 5-speed rear Suntour freewheel with a down-tube shifter and a single chain ring.... it's 38 years old which we bought new in 1982 from Steeles of Gosforth. It is completely original even down to the original Weinmann...
  15. W

    Dawes Audax Giro

    Visited my local car-boot at the weekend and couldn't resist a Dawes, as was in really good condition too. Didn't know much about the Audax bikes, this has a 531 frame so reasonably light. Triple chainring, Shimano Tiagra 4400 stuff so maybe late 1990's? Mavic MA3 wheels and a nice Rolls...
  16. TTSS

    Dawes Super Galaxy 53 cm - Reynolds 531 ST with 700c Wheels. Sold.

    For sale: Mens Classic Touring Bike: Dawes Super Galaxy. Reynolds 531ST (Super Tourist) frame with lined lugs. 21” (53 cm) measured centre to centre. The paint has been touched up over the years in various places. No dents or damage to the frame. Top tube 22” (55cm) measured centre to...
  17. wheresthetorch

    Dawes roadster

    Decided to sell my 3-speed Sturmey Archer Dawes roadster. Up on eBay at the moment: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293661092569
  18. bigjim

    Dawes Galaxy. 25" frame. Very nice.

    Nice Classic Super Galaxy. Rides really well and in good condition. 21 speed. Touring triple. Sora long cage rear mech, 7 speed indexed D/Ts. Changed the original Canti brakes for sidepulls, but the original Canti's will be supplied with the bike should you wish to reinstall them . Alesa wheels...
  19. S

    Just picked up a Dawes Academy

    I've been after the next size up of bike for my son and found a Dawes Academy 24 for a good price locally. It seems a good bike for the money. The quality seems spot on and the components seem better than a lot of bikes aimed at children. Weight wise it is 9.4kg as it is but it has a stand...
  20. MarkF

    Bargain Dawes Discovery 601( Guiseley)

    https://www.gumtree.com/p/bicycles/dawes-discovery-601-cycle/1375689382 Good price, especially in todays market, it would have been around £900 new. I've had loads of Discos, I'd have had this too if it was a size larger. I think this frame is 21".
  21. Milkfloat

    Dawes Milk Race 25.5"

    I bought this a few years ago on whim to add to my collection of bikes. I spent some time and effort fixing it up with new tyres, chain, pedals, cables and elbow grease. I then rode it for a few miles and promptly hung it back up in the garage. I would suggest that at some point in the future...
  22. RichardB

    FA: Dawes Lady Galaxy 1990s, 531ST

    We are selling my wife's Dawes Lady Galaxy (1997 approx) as her health no longer allows her to ride. Built by Dawes dealership from bare frame to identical specification as my men's Galaxy bought at the same time. Used as daily bike, plus tours in France and Netherlands. Dry stored most of last...
  23. Jamieyorky

    SOLD:Dawes Competition Giro 300 1998

    Hi everyone, Dawes Competition Giro 300 for sale I believe this to be 1997-1998? 58cm frame with totally unmarked paintwork, not even a cable rub. Full shimano RSX groupset 7x3, ITM bars, Exage Motion brakes, unsure on the make of the rims however laced into Shimano hubs with no where on the...
  24. Gunk

    Dawes Finesse

    I picked up a couple of bikes today, another Raleigh 531 tourer and this rather neglected Dawes Finesse originally supplied by my LBS it’s absolutely filthy and had a couple of flat tyres, but I pumped them both up rode it around the close and it rides stops and selects all 5 gears. both...
  25. DCLane

    Dawes Kingpin: update and upgrade

    Pulled the Dawes Kingpin out for a check-over as we're about to start some updates and it's incredibly rusty: stored carefully but I knew it was very chipped with some rust when I bought it last year. We've since fitted a lighter seatpost and purple/black Scoop saddle which saved about 1kg...
  26. fixedfixer

    SOLD: Dawes Stratos Reynolds 531 Campagnolo Road Bike

    Really nice Dawes road bike that was professionally refinshed by Bob Jackson Cycles in Leeds. Hardly been used since she was given her fresh enamel paint work. Has a lot of period Campagnolo parts that all work as they should. If you wish to go back to stock the original Reynolds 531 fork is...
  27. ren531

    Dawes (not vintage) but nice

    I was given this Dawes recently, its a bit small for me but I made it fit , i think its late ninetys, it seems virtually unriden, when I stripped the wheel bearings the grease was dryed up but still clear no marks on the bearing surfaces at all, paint work as new all original components and...
  28. ren531

    Dawes Horizon Touring Bike for sale ( been withdrawn from sale )

    Dawes Horizon Reynolds 520 butted frame ,blue, 17inch 43cm size dropbars, duel brake/gear levers ,canti brakes excellent tyres ,seems to have had only light use with little wear on chain/chainset and sprockets ,it has some light rust patches on the frame from slight paint damage , it possibly...
  29. PaddyMcc

    New to me - Dawes Double Edge

    An old one with V brakes. Anyone know the history of these? Is it a GB made or Taiwan?
  30. biggs682

    64cm Dawes Galaxy SOLD

    iconic Dawes galaxy Touring / Racing bike in good condition especially when you think its nearly 25+ years old !!! Original green paintwork with age related patina , Reynolds 631 butted frame in 64 cm size from centre of crank to centre of seat pinch bolt , 22 1/2" or 57 cm centre to centre...
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