1. C

    Major clearout: 1990s Dawes Horizon 21"/54cm, frames, racks, keen prices! Belper, Derbyshire.

    I have a Dawes Horizon for sale in a lovely metallic purple. Reynolds 501 model with unicrown fork. This is a great bike and could easily be your only one. Go to work, do an Audax, or pile up with luggage. 700c wheels, cantilever brakes so wheel upgrades are all possible. I bought it for me for...
  2. TTSS

    Sold.. For Sale: 22" / 56 cm Dawes Horizon Touring Bike. £150.

    Dawes Horizon touring bike. Steel frame and forks with no dents or dings. Paint is in excellent condition. 22" Seat and top tube. 8 Speed Shimano triple. Shimano bar end shifters. Updated Mavic A 319's in silver with Shimano Deore hubs front and rear. New Vittoria Adventure 700 x 35c...
  3. bikingdad90

    Dawes Giro 400 frame and carbon fork. 51cm seat tube 54cm top tube

    I have a Dawes Giro 400 frameset for sale. It’s a 51cm seat tube with 54cm top tube. Comes with carbon forks bonded to an alloy steerer, headset and star nut, and seatpost and saddle. There is some signs of corrosion behind the seatpost and near the chain stays. It’s lying round not doing...
  4. a.twiddler

    Dawes Low Rider SWB Recumbent -NOW SOLD

    Dawes Low Rider SWB Recumbent -Reduced I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that despite all my efforts this metallic green Dawes Low Rider is still fractionally too big for me. As followers of this saga will know, I’ve put a lot of effort into this bike in the last year but it’s too nice to...
  5. TTSS

    SOLD -Dawes Super Galaxy Reynolds 853.

    Selling my lovely Dawes Super Galaxy touring bike. Reynolds 853 frame. The frame measurements are: Seat Post tube = 50 cm measured from centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post tube. Top tube = 55 cm measured centre to centre. Head tube = 13.5 cm. It's set up in the...
  6. Saluki

    SOLD 52cm Dawes Galaxy AL for sale in Norfolk

    A 52cm Dawes Galaxy AL (aluminium) triple - with 3 x 8 Shimano Claris gearing and Dawes wheels. Features are: 6061 Aluminium frame, with steel fork. The frame has some minor wear marks and chips but otherwise is in good condition. Shimano Claris (ST-2400) 8 speed / triple left gears - NEW left...
  7. 8mph

    1985 Dawes Countryman ATB

    Picked this up earlier and I'm chuffed to bits with it.
  8. Chief Broom

    Thoughts/impressions on Dawes Discovery 201

    I'll state straightaway im very much a newbie! and if someone's looking for proper advice should ask the many experts on here or at least an adult :laugh: My criteria for buying a bike centred around simplicity.....no disc brakes, no carbon, single chain ring were the main points. Light..ish...
  9. Paulus

    Dawes street2street tandem.

    What do the collective think of this model?It has a 531 frame and forks, but I have not heard of it before. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dawes-Tandem-Reynolds-531-/165126960518?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  10. FrothNinja

    1980s Dawes Discovery tubing query

    Anyone know what tubing Dawes used on the Discovery in the 1980s? Thanks
  11. Shack

    Dawes Super Galaxy- sold

    Morning all, still thinning the herd so offering up my Dawes Super Galaxy, in great condition for the age (by a country mile the work area is the rear rack that shows signs of use over the years) The other is wear on the top of the STI shifters, bit of wheel polish on the crank arms, but it is...
  12. a.twiddler

    The Dawes Low Rider Project

    The Dawes Low Rider aka Batavus Relaxx aka Flevobike Basic Project These bikes seem identical apart from the name and manufacturers logo. Even the colours are the same. So far seen pictures in metallic dark green, blue, black, and yellow. Built in Holland around 1995 -2000ish by Batavus who...
  13. cornsack

    Dawes Galaxy estimated ~1972 for sale

    Hi, Looking for a fair price for my Dawes road bike. In good rideable condition, new crank and cassette fitted a couple of years ago but done probably 50 miles max since then. Is definitely early-mid 1970's but most likely 1972. Great bike and very lightweight for the time. With inflation...
  14. Alembicbassman

    Two star rated Dawes Giro - How bad?

    Bike Radar reviewed this £300 Dawes Giro 200 back in 2009. It was awarded a whole 2 stars out of 5. https://www.bikeradar.com/reviews/bikes/road-bikes/dawes-giro-200-review/?image=4&type=gallery&gallery=1&embedded_slideshow=1 I saw it on for sale on ebay and it was located just round the...
  15. Spinney

    Dawes Fleur womens bike 80s

    Hi All A friend has one of the above that she'd like to sell. As it's a sale, I've put the details (incl. pics) in the classifieds. However neither she nor I has any idea of what a fair price might be, so if anyone with knowledge has a few minutes to pop over there and advise, I'd be grateful...
  16. Spinney

    Dawes Fleur women's bike from early 80s

    This is for a friend of mine - the bike was her mother's, but has been sitting in a garage and then a shed for some time. She's no idea how much it is worth, and neither have I. To my inexperienced eye it looks to be in good condition, apart from some spots of rust on the frame. Handlebar...
  17. Chief Broom

    Dawes Discovery 201 versus Ridgeback Comet

    I like the simplicity of these 2 bikes, no disk brakes or carbon forks to worry about and ideal for home maintenance, cheap too! So which is the best buy? I like the look of the comet over the discovery but the discovery has great reviews...hmmm.... Any advice much appreciated! ^_^
  18. B

    Dawes Back Streets for sale

    View: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/404040524337559/ Located in Colchester.
  19. DCLane

    SOLD: Dawes Galaxy AL 52cm, 24 speed - £150 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    A 52cm Dawes Galaxy AL (aluminium) triple - with 3 x 8 Shimano Claris gearing and Dawes wheels. Features are: 6061 Aluminium frame, with steel fork. The frame has some minor wear marks and chips but otherwise is in good condition. Shimano Claris (ST-2400) 8 speed / triple left gears - NEW...
  20. Punkawallah

    '80's Dawes Horizon

    HI, any interest in a 1980's Dawes Horizon, large frame, Reynolds 500 tubing?
  21. C

    Dawes update

    Hello Everyone.So I started to disassemble my 20$ project.starting with the wheels front and rear hubs are Bayliss-Wiley front wheel could be a 26x 11/4? See photo rear is 26x13/8.So I’m trying gather information about this bike using parts that are on it.bike seems to be in that grey area Of...
  22. C

    Replacement Fork Dawes

    Hello,What would be a good replacement fork for a older Dawes bicycle years 1950-55? Currently has 26x1 3/8 wheels. Thank you.
  23. S

    Vintage dawes road bike

    Just bought this really nice condition Came with orginal engraved handlebars Brooks b17 saddle been stood for ten years Rode it it rides really nice and gears change smoothly does anybody know model and year its looks late fifths Just going to clean and put orginal handlebars back on with new...
  24. T

    Dawes identification help

    I have just bought a vintage Dawes bike and I'm struggling to identify the model/year. Can't see any decals or serial numbers so I'm at a loss!
  25. GlasgowAli

    Dawes Giro Competition 300

    Hi all, Not sure if this classifies as vintage or classic but I'll give it a bash. I picked up this two-owner Dawes Giro locally in Glasgow yesterday for a great price. I wasn't really looking for another bike but couldn't resist. It's a Dawes Giro Competition 300 from 1995-98 (I think). It has...
  26. TTSS

    Sold. 18.5" Dawes Galaxy Reynolds 531 ST - 7 Speed Triple Touring Bike

    The last of the stable to be sold ! :hello: Dawes Galaxy Touring Bike. Reynolds 531 ST (Select Tourist) tubes and 531 forks. Frame Measurements are: Seat Tube = 18.5". C2C. Top Tube = 21". C2C. Head Tube = 4". Upgraded wheels from Spa Cycles. Rigida Sputnik 32h rims. Sapim DB spokes...
  27. Chromatic

    RIP John Dawes

    Just seen John Dawes has died. He was involved in that Barbarians try.
  28. Steeler

    Dawes Galaxy rebuild

    So I'm having another go at building up my Galaxy frame having not been happy with the previous two attempts, firstly with (mostly) Shimano LX 3x9 speed gearing on flat bars then with Tiagra 2x10 speed compact on drop bars. Now that I've retired (and in the current lockdown situation) I'm...
  29. GuyBoden

    Info: 1977 Dawes Galaxy Seatpost Dia is 26.3mm

    For information purposes only, the seatpost diameter on a 1977 Dawes Galaxy is 26.3mm. I have ordered a new seatpost, the diameter was stamped on the side of the old seatpost, which was very convenient. These models of 1977 Dawes Galaxy have the same frame, so the same seatpost dia 26.3mm.
  30. Harril

    Vintage Dawes?

    Hi All, I would really appreciate some assistance with trying to identify the Range this particular model is from. There are a few clues on the frame, but research is proving to be tricky and is not leading to any conclusive results, so far. The only thing Its previous owner could tell me about...
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