Dawes Super Galaxy- sold


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Morning all, still thinning the herd so offering up my Dawes Super Galaxy, in great condition for the age (by a country mile the work area is the rear rack that shows signs of use over the years)
The other is wear on the top of the STI shifters, bit of wheel polish on the crank arms, but it is used and isn't new (I'm the second owner since new)
It's the groovy metallic paint job the looks anything from bronze to green depending how the light catches it
Check out the photos and ask away.
Asking £375 which I'm happy is a good price for a lot of bike.
Would prefer local pick up as courier would be £50 (I don't have a box, so couriers charge £25 for a box and a bit of bubble wrap)
I'm between Taunton and Exeter.



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Accra, Ghana
I know large, looks around 22/23”? 531 frame?


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I know large, looks around 22/23”? 531 frame?
From memory it's a 58cm, currently set up for me at 5'10.5" with wiggle in either direction, the adjustable stem is fairly long to could easily return a shorter reach.
I believe it's 531st but no decal, I've not had it very long, but ended up buying a couple of bikes in fairly close succession and this replicates my old Raliegh too much and so last in first out apparently. My garage hasn't got capacity for 5 of mine then 3 for the family.
I was a sucker for the colour scheme, had one a few years ago and really love the shimmer
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